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From the Mouth of Babes ( A Permanent ADS)


That sounds painful, thus causing permanent damage right?

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy

Thank you Piet. The glans is also connected to the CS. My guess is that it would be very difficult to slowly rip one’s glans from one’s tunica, given the body’s ability to adapt to stress (that we exploit so well!). Sure wouldn’t want to guess wrong though :) .

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I agree. I think piercing the glands is nuts. I’m talking about the frenulum, actually not even that, but the access PE skin that bunches up or rolls over the frenulum. I think anything upwards of the coronal ridge, including the meatus, or the glands should never be touched in any sort of PE.

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Don’t know much about piercing, but I have a friend that has a large ring in his ear - type that goes on a very large finger on both side of his ear. He also has a piercing on his genital (underside) and he wears very large dumbell shaped jewerly - like size of half pinky. More than I really wanted to know. Based on that, seems like anything could be stretched. But at best, its not really stretching anything internal, rather just the skin.

monkeybar: What we’re interested in here is not stretching any internal structures. I feel only heavy hanging and wearing an ADS almost constantly between hang sessions will do this. I just thought the piercing would be a permanent way to keep the micro tears elongated for the 72 hours it takes tissues to heal. So far the best thing I’ve come across to do this is Monty’s lead rings. The AutoExt and/or your new head clamps for the ADH may be very good for this also. Still waiting for all the bugs to be worked out before I order, but I WILL order one sooner or later. I haven’t checked the review lately, but I will, rather than going off topic here. Thanks for the input.

2003: 6X5 2010: 7X7

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