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Altavista do basic translation, not sure if meant something more. There has to be a ton of sites that would do similar or better


I demand henceforth that you include, in your signature, the name of whichever beauty currently occupies your avatar — if you can identify her, that is. My god, man… One could devote a whole web page to the Balrog Avatar Rotation.

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I nicked her from a picture in the Dive and yes she is mighty fine for sure. No ideas on her name though sorry. I do put bigger pictures of my avatars in the cleavage thread in the dive

I would suggest links to pump supply sites, pe weight sites, etc. This would be a great quick link page for supplies.

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Yes, it would be nice if we had a thread to consult for members’ recommendations about the best places to buy pumps, hangers, weights, PMs, etc. It could be similar to that enormous Viagra thread, which has been really helpful for many guys who would otherwise have to buy blindly with no idea whether the supplier is legit or the prices are competitive.

Please :donatecar to Thunder's Place to keep it running.

Thanks T.

Is that the one that links to our videos?

I don’t remember if they link to our vids or not (not like I can read that stuff) but we do get a lot of traffic from them because of their links. It seems to be a pretty popular board. As to how good it is, maybe someone that came from that board can let us know.

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I know russian! :p

They say ’ This is the free NUP-ovskiy forum, where all video rollers it is possible to skachat’ free of charge, it is necessary only to be registered. ‘

Then one guy complains,
‘I cannot be registered on the site with free video, server writes that the incorrect e-mail the address: **** In what the matter say if you please! ‘

Apparently .ru email address no good ? so another guy recommends he register with Hotmail.
Their also using Altavista to automatically translate from here using a direct link. I hope it reads a bit better for them the other way round.

Their link doesnt work for me even when Iam logged in.

Originally Posted by rakishly
On the men’s health issue. I think a lot of men look into penis enlargement/stretching techinques who have peyronies disease. Although most modern medical views reflect the same orthodoxy we sometimes pooh pooh, I think a balanced understanding is in order:

Also, a classic attempt at scientific research doesn’t appear, though it bears some criticism it should be required background. I think:

In connection to Peyronie’s here is a link to a promising treatment using Interferon injections.…l.jsp?id=147444

You may need to join Medscape to access it.



i just saw a banner to, a commercial site selling your typical overpriced ADS. The also have info I guess, and testimonials. One of their links was to, I don’t know if they were mentioned but they had some free info.

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Anymore links anyone?


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