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On the men’s health issue. I think a lot of men look into penis enlargement/stretching techinques who have peyronies disease. Although most modern medical views reflect the same orthodoxy we sometimes pooh pooh, I think a balanced understanding is in order:

Also, a classic attempt at scientific research doesn’t appear, though it bears some criticism it should be required background. I think:

Also another issue in the minds of prospective PE-ers: Foreskin Restoration’s_Health/Procedures/Foreskin_Restoration/

Seems Mr. PSD has succumbed to the affiliate game.

Yes; it’s remarkable, in my opinion, that he straightforwardly admits that Thunder’s Place has everything imaginable, given that he’s trying to sell that other site.

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I think there is some yahoo group about having a small weiney. Or maybe it was the msn group ramrod tried to link to? (doesn’t work)

-Still bitter the y2k bug was a dud.

-My dear boy, do you ask a fish how it swims? (No.) Or a bird how it flies? (No.) Of course not. They do it because they were born to do it...…pecid=10&ok=yes

Medlinks is a very useful and trustworthy site for scientific studies on a variety of subjects, including erectile function. You need to join but it is free, and also spam free.

The above article indicates one of the directions researchers are going in treating premature ejaculation, a frequently-visited subject here.



Thanks avocet, the review helps.

Keep them coming guys, there are some good links here. It’s not that hard to check though your bookmarks and liberate the useful ones.

Do you know what “PSA” means? Do you know what your average PSA is? If you do not and are 40ish, get the blood test to establish a base mark read then follow up with bi-annual tests. Right now the PSA is our most reliable indication of the presence or absense of prostate cancer, a disease which kills many more men than it should.



Mem just loves an interview. I’ve seen him side-camera during the Barbara Walters’ shows. He even got Paris Hilton talking.



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A moderated group (no SPAM, open and frank) discussion of erectile dysfunction and the many solutions to it. Tell your story, anonymously if you like, and we’ll get you pointed in good directions.



Retrograde ejaculation is not an everyday problem but for those who have it because of medications they take or some physical trauma they sustained, RE may be something you want to get over. This article discusses one potential treatment for it.




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