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Found a PE'er at work


LMFAO at Itsgottime’s story :D Oh my God that classroom experience is AWFUL!!!

I just had a weird experience like that, I was adjusting my ADS at a stop sign, at the end of my street, in my car with my pants down. It was like 7 in the morning, so I was groggy, not really paying attention to my surroundings, I don’t think it would’ve mattered though. This exercise freak (because those are the only people awake that early on their own) comes around this blind spot that I couldn’t have seen, and gets the CLEAREST look at me with my pants down, and some random contraption attached to my dick.

He kept going and I laughed it off.

A few years ago in college, I was about to hang some ridiculous amount of weight (like 25lbs). Of course, I missed hooking the rubber cord around the bib hanger and all the weight came crashing down, making an extremely loud noise followed by a “F U C K!!!” Of course the walls are thin and I knew my next door roommate heard it. I wonder what he thought happened?

This is very funny guys! I am not being sarcastic either.

Hed Pe

Just a random thought here, but has anyone every heard of the rock band HED P.E. ? One of my favorite bands actually. I just realized the significance of there name. Head enlargement. Maybe HED PE concert shirts could be our secret society T-shirts mentioned earlier? nah, dumb idea, just thinking out loud. lol

Ill go for a thunders place ball cap or logo’d T-shirt.

I was in the military for 8 yrs and this one day at the shop we just got on the subject of dick size via sex and I just started talking about PE. None of these guys had ever known about PE or that I was doing it but they all became quickly interested and for a while some guys were doing it. It takes a special breed of guy to stay deticated to it.

My embarassing story is when my soon to be ex wife actually picked the lock to the bathroom door to discover me hunched over in mid jelq. She never supported it and sometimes made me feel guilty for it. So I quickly got up, bum rushed the door while yelling “What the fuck were you thinking!?!” and slammed the door on her face.

I finished my session and went to bed without a word.

Ill tell you after reading these posts I am going to start PEing at work as well.

You guys are crazy. This stuff is damned funny, especially the classroom ones:D !! The only form of PE I do now during the day (since I’m in girth mode) would be to wear a cockring the whole afternoon. When I did wear the extender I wore it everywhere: the store, post office, mall, restaurant eating crabs, home, weight lifting (very carefully!)/ upper body, the vet, family parties, and probably a lot of other places I forget.

You can’t tell who is a clamper because they have hairy palms and they masturbate.

My fourth-grade daughter uses words like 'penis' and 'vagina' without the slightest embarrassment, having learned them at school. This can be a problem at times. Frankly, I wish the school would exercise a little more discretion

I know somebody is a PEer at my work other than myself, I just don’t know who it is. I had a thread similar to this one, but it ended quickly. here is the link.

Who’s PEing in your work place?

I wear Monty’s PE Weights to work under only trousers. In the beginning when I was experimenting with the wraps I had the rings slip off regularly over the wrap and the head off my cock on the way as I was walking to work. Part of my usual route is along an alley which not very many people use. This is ideal for me since if the rings slip off they fall down the leg off my pants and on to the pavement. Unfortunately this alley is also used by a few students of an arts college and as you know a large percentage of arts students are gorgeous babes!! Once as I was walking along, I felt the rings slipping and just as luck would have it I saw a couple of babes coming towards me. I thought ‘fuck what now?’. I couldn’t think of what to do cos if the rings fell out of the bottom of my trousers it would have been really embarrassing. So I just turned round to face the wall with my legs joined together and just stood there pretending to fumble with my ipod like a dumb-ass. God that was embarrassing. I think it would have been even more so had the rings fallen out.

I still wear the rings to work tho and have kinda worked out a wrap method to secure the rings. I also regularly go to the toilets to remove the wrap for a rest or to put a fresh wrap on..

I have also jelqed many a time in the toilets :)



I think we need to get a Tee-shirt done.

“I’m working my way towards a *PHD at Thunders”

*Pretty Huge Dick


"Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship"

- Humphrey Bogart to Claude Raines, Casablanca


How about, “I have a PHD courtesy of Thunders”?

That would be NICE!


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