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Foreskin re-growth

Foreskin re-growth

I was circumsized at birth, and with my PE activities, have re-grown/stretched back a bit more than half of my foreskin. I really like getting it back, and if possible, would like it back 100% - but growth seems to have stabilized at its present level. Anyone here been successful in FULL re-growth of foreskin - or know of proven methods to accomplish it?



I’m sut also. For what it’s worth, I got what appeared to be foreskin regrowth pretty early on in PE but what it turned out to be was just skin expansion which the internal shaft gradually grew into. Now it isn’t apparent any more.

I have read of sites which claim foreskin regrowth and I’m sure you can find them with a full Net search.



Foreskin regrowth

Ayear or so ago there was a site dedicated to this. it was a guy who took photos over a 18 mth period or so, explaining in detail the technique. Although it didn’t look like the real thing, it was passable.

Maybe someone here could come up with the link.


Well, I’m primarily interested from the standpoint of additional mass/girth in the glans area - I’m working especially hard on glans girth increases, and figure simulated foreskin would be a plus in that area… Not much info on this site, other than mention of some info on Tom Hubbards website - but I can’t seem to find that site…


There are a lot of sites dedicated to restoration, as a lot of us feel the same way you do. If you do a Google search for it, there will likely be several thousand hits.

Here are a few that I’ve saved: ——- this lists 11 Yahoo clubs and offers to sell you a foreskin pump tube - DON’T BUY —- don’t buy from them either - I’ll sell you one of mine

Over the years I’ve taped weights, stretchers made of 35mm film cans, and T-tape to myself but have seen more skin growth over the last few months from PE techniques, and I never want to tape anything to my best part again. This may sound silly to some, but when I first started using T-tape, I was delighted to discover that my lil’ smegma generators are still there and fully functional.

Regarding head girth, I’ve been noticing mine increasing, maybe from squeezing or pumping with a small tube or both.


uncirc device

I have a pretty decent design using Fimo clay and a 1”+ steel ball bearing if you’re interested. It does require a simplified T-tape attachment, and adhesive buildup and removal is annoying after a while.

Let me know if you’d like to see that; I’ll recreate the drawing and instructions and put them up on my site.

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