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? for Tom Hubbard

? for Tom Hubbard

Hey Tom!

I was curious as to how you got sold on the idea of PE? It seems like you started a ton of the vets up and so forth. I guess it was the early internet days as compared to now. Did you find a chat room or something? Please tell. Thanks! TT

There were no chat rooms about penis enlargement in 1996 (I’m not sure there were any chat rooms.)

‘Tom Hubbard’ was a man who, in his late thirties, had always pretty much repressed his concerns about his penis size. But one day, looking at table of sale books (in Office Depot!), he picked up one for teenage boys, in which the question “am I normal?” was asked by a high school kid who noticed, in the hot tub with his friends, that there was, well, you know, kind of a difference. The author-doctor replied that normal flaccid penis size in an adult male ranges from 3 to 4.5 inches long, and 1 to 1.5 inches across, blah blah blah.

‘Tom’ wasn’t too concerned about his 6-inch erect penis, though it felt skinny in his hand (isn't that interesting, that it should feel ‘skinny’ [small girth] even though it's the only penis he knew?). And he was not particularly mollified by the knowledge that his flaccid penis was normal because, after all, his ‘normal’ penis measured as small as normal could be (according to The Book).

But he was a big guy - over six foot two, big shoulders. And stuck with a locker room dick just about the size of his thumb. It just didn’t look right (don't you love the advice - you don't see it much any more - that your dick looks smaller when you look down at it than when you look at other guys, so don't worry about it? Well, that's true, but don't they think guys look at themselves in the mirror?)

A year or two later, visiting a friend in SF, he read an article about foreskin restoration/UNCIRC, which sounded interesting. It mentioned a device made by American Bodycrafters - the PUD (penis uncircumcising device). He kept the article.

A year or so later, he was changing toilet paper rolls and a little light bulb went off and he measured the tp tube, only to find that it measured almost exactly the same as the largest normal flaccid penis. He immediately undid his shorts, put the tube next to his stick of a dick, and was considerably discouraged (pretty close to depressed) to realize that some guys were that big (or bigger - he’d showered with them after racquetball; he knew), and he wasn’t, and never could or would be. To get the picture, see http://penis-enlargement-manual.thu…s/measure-3.GIF

Enter Brian Tracy.

In one of his success tapes in The Psychology of Achievement Brian asks, “What’s the one thing you’d do if you didn’t know it was impossible?”

For ‘Tom Hubbard,’ that was a no-brainer. He wanted a bigger dick. Which surprised him, because he thought he was supposed to be thinking about business success, blah blah.

He dug out that uncircumcising article he’d secretly squirreled away. It turns out that American Bodycrafters, in addition to making the PUD, made a PLD Hangman - penis lengthening device, and in a desperate WTF moment, ‘Tom’ phoned them and asked about this device and his own concern. The guy on the phone assured him that a larger locker-room appearance was a ‘happy side effect’ of building a larger erection.

That was like hitting the NOS switch.…fo/History.html

‘Tom’ looked at the design, realized he didn’t want to spend a huge amount of money (or reveal to his wife his silly feeling of inadequacy), and started experimenting with part of a slingshot and lead tire weights. It didn’t take long to refine a loop closure device, and hanging was so exciting - especially after ten days or so, when he said ‘holy shit’ out loud…because something was actually happening. He adhered as much as possible to the one-hour-AM-and-PM protocol, and added weight, finding that six pounds was the max, always keeping it a secret from his wife. The head of his penis turned blue and purple, the coronal ridge turned white, it tingled, it got numb from time to time - all the stuff you want to avoid – but after four months the gains slowed, and the effort of hanging seemed burdensome, so he stopped hanging with a very functional, substantially larger penis. And experienced the indescribable joy of having his wife of ten years saying, “whoa, you are huge” in a sultry voice he had never heard before.

After he stopped, he started finding a few sites selling milking instructions, and various scammers, and started his own site in early 1997 to a) spread the word and b) debunk the scams.

There was nothing to be sold on, and there was no one to talk to or answer questions. Just the excitement of inventing, experimenting, seeing results, and an urge to reach out to others who were sufficiently motivated to try to achieve their painful ‘secret longing.’

WOW! That was some reply there. Are you writing his biography? It was desent and then some! :) Thanks for the information!


Well, I pride myself on having above average writing skills, but that was a thing of beauty.

I think that it would be a good thing to have a copy of this ‘biography’ and perhaps one on Bigger, too, and then put them somewhere that current and future PE’ers can access them. It’s important to know something about our pioneers, isn’t it? No cult of personality, but a respect for the journey.

And I know that I speak for all PE’ers when I say we deeply respect ‘Tom’s’ journey that has helped show us the way.

Hey Buster,

You need to give yourself a lot more credit! Your writing skills are very good. I enjoy your humor and your humility - and both are evidenced in your writing. Hey, when are you going to become a Moderator? I think you would make a good one. What do you think, Thunder?

Happy PEing


ps - I haven’t read any posts from Tom Hubbard in a while. I hope that he hasn’t dropped off the boards. I’d hate like hell for us to lose all of that experience.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Hey jelktoid,

You backed me into a corner with that post. What am I supposed to say now??:D

Actually I was thinking about adding a few mods for the last couple of days, and Buster was on the list. The thing is, you make a guy a mod and it seems to slow down his posting. So what do you do? Require that mods make so many posts a week? That wouldn’t work at all.

So, Buster, if you will promise to keep posting and being as helpful around here as you have been, I’ll do it. In fact I’ll do it anyway.

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Jelktoid - thanks man!! Just the words I needed to get the energy up tonight. I appreciate it very much and I think highly of you!

Thunder - yup! I think I’ll still be posting quite a bit. It’s just my way. I greatly appreciate the privilige and opportunity to help the board.

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