Fluid build-up "solution" :)

Hey you guys!

I would just like to add my two cents on this matter… to all of you guys having this problem, I’m telling what happens to me.

I’m incircumcised, so, dry jelqing is a cheaper and optimum choice. When I did wet jelqing I’ve never experienced fluid build-up, things changed the first day I dry jelqed. There was this really big ammount of fluid and I got a little scared as every new thing on your penis that happens along the PE road. :P I kept on my dry jelqing and once in a while a simillar ammount of fluid appeared.

Well, the thing is (and I can tell you for SURE that this is the “problem”) that if I do my jelqing at a lower erection level the fluid appears abundantly. If I have a good 90%/80% erection level jelqing NO fluid appears (or very close to this). :)

Also I would like to add that higher erection jelqing made me gain girth like crazy. I rarely got bruised (and when I do it’s just one reddish bruise) and barely got this new almost black/brown little dots. :)