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Flacid stretched length vs erect bone pressed length


Flacid stretched length vs erect bone pressed length

I wonder if someone can enlighten me as to the correlation between flacid stretched length and erect bone pressed length. If one measures e.g. 8” flacid would that automatically indicate an EBPL of 8”?

Its generally accepted that bone pressed erect will closely follow flaccid stretch. Its also somewhat accepted that a longer fs than bpe gives an indication of future gains to come (stretched ligs??). Besides, fs is easier to measure compared to working up and holdind a 100% erection.

My flaccid stretch is always 0.25” longer than BPEL. This is how I know that gains are coming. Flaccid stretch is an indication that you are doing it right. First the flaccid stretch increases, then the erect length follows.


I also have about a 1/4” discrepancy. The reason I posted this measuring technique originally was to be able to measure progress without having to have an erection - I’m kind of a compulsive measurer….

Point is to give yourself a reference which won’t vary. With the wood stick I use, I always stand ramrod straight, do the pull by feel, and then pivot my head down. Sounds complicated - it’s just my way of trying to remain consistent.

My difference (just measured) is .75+. I’ve never measured it before, but it seems pretty high. I just did a month after a break with almost no gains. Do you think next month should be better with this difference?

Also, any theories on exercises to specifically make up the difference or what this difference means physically and thus what exercises would work well?


Its a physics fact that if you have a tube of X inches length, then pressurize it increasing the diameter, then the length will become shorter than X inches. Learned that from being around hose engineers (yes - they exist!)

Most (including myself) seem to have erect about 1/4 inch shorter than flaccid streched. Those with larger girths (larger increase in diameter when erect), likely see more of a difference in length.

So in theory it is NOT really stretching but reconfiguring its dimensions? is that what you mean?


Originally posted by kabar
My flaccid stretch is always 0.25” longer than BPEL. This is how I know that gains are coming. Flaccid stretch is an indication that you are doing it right. First the flaccid stretch increases, then the erect length follows.

What do you mean when you say that a 0.25” difference indicates future growth? That the EBPL will grow 0.25” shortly or…? If the difference would have been bigger, let´s say 1” then the future potential would be tangible. Also, the difference should not be static (0.25” or 0.75”) but rather changeable over time, sometimes 0-0.25” indicating a small potential growth :( and sometimes 0.75-1” indicating a BIG potential growth :) . Comments ???

OK, I think I made what I wanted to say a bit too brief. Let me start over. What I meant was that the difference between my flaccid stretch and EBPL is always basically 0.25”, so I monitor my increases by measuring my flaccid stretch every 2 weeks to see if there were any gains in the flaccid stretch, and if there were any flaccid stretch gains, then I knew that I had gains in EBPL. Example, if my EBPL is 7.75” and flaccid stretch is 8.0” and I measure one day flaccid stretch and get 8.25”, there is about a 99% chance that when I measure EBPL that I would get 7.75”. I monitor gains this way as it takes too much for me to muster up a 100% erection just to measure no gains, so I monitor gains by flaccid stretch. This factor applies to me, someone else’s factor may be different. Did I clarify myself?

Also, my measurements after my jelking session is always about 0.2-0.4” larger than before i jelked, and this is when you know that you’ve had a successful jelking session.

I understand, thanx kabar.

Funny you should mention that ..

I noticed that after stretching now for about 1 yr that my flacid length as increased compared to my EBPL. for example before my flacid length was about 3/8” longer than my EBPL, but now my flacid length is now 5/8” longer than my EBPL even though I have gained almost 1” in EBPL ! ;-)

At one time my flacid length was almost 7/8” (for almost a month) of an inch longer but and this is the really weird part is that after awhile my flacid length shrunk back even though my EBPL never changed during that period and to this day I have not reached that flacid length again. I was pretty excited about it for awhile as seeing it at 8 and 5/8” flacid stretched gave me hope that I could indeed reach 8 1/2” EBPL.

One question that I really can’t seem to answer and maybe one of you can, Now when stretching where exactly is that stretch being done at? I understand the ligs at the base but isn’t there also lig’s that run to the base of the Head ?? It appears to me that with the way the flacid length changes so drastically especially during abrupt temp changes that something along the line’s of lig’s must be involved in the movement.

Thanks guys !!

T4More, that is a weird one. Ive never seen such a drastic change. How do you stretch and what is your routine? Do you only stretch or do you jelk? The only thing that comes to mind is the quality of stretch. Sometimes we can get very good stretches and really work those ligs and tissues, then at times the quality of stretches goes down and we just cant get that good lig pull that we got last month. Fatigue sometimes does this and we just cant get relax enough to feel the ligs pull hence the stretch isnt as effective. So the penis doesnt stretch as much as it did during those effective strech workouts. When stretching, I feel the strech at the ligs and also at the sides of my penis. The tissues are also streched. Atleast when streching with about 20% erection.

Did you get all of your gains from only stretching? Give us your routine cause I think thats very good gains from only stretching.

well, this will be different then...

I am going to go out on a limb here.

I am actually a .25” shorter in flaccid stretch than bpel. Now I don’t know if I am measuring my flaccid correctly. Do I do a bonepress on that, too? If not, it’s hard to tell where to start the measurement when your whole body is stretching forward like that…

WOW I tell you, it gets more complicated every minute. Yes if you measure bone press erect, then you have to measure bone press flaccid stretch. This one will outdo all cause I cant imagine EBPL being longer than flaccid stretch but I guess if you say so then its possible. If you think about it, EBPL is filled with blood and the girth is much bigger, hence you would imagine that the length would be a bit shorter to accomodate the girth, whereas flaccid stretch girth is much smaller hence should be able to stretch longer. Maybe its those magic beans someone said they had or the snake’s oil???

Thanks, Kabar. No, I was NOT doing a bonepress measurement for my flaccid stretch, so it wasn’t correct, apparently. [could someone please back what Kabar said on doing a bonepress for the flaccid stretch just to settle it for me?]

So I am guessing that my flaccid stretch will turn out to be about .25” longer than my BPEL (as that is what my regular erect vs bpel difference is). I’ll post just to confirm.

Phew! I didn’t want to be some anatomical and physiological freak! I don’t think it’s possible to have a shorter flaccid stretch than erect length, now is it? I mean, not one that is accurately measured…

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