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Flaccid vs. Erect ratio


Originally Posted by bombazine

I noticed last night that my semi erect penis (70% erect) was 5.5” girth where as my EG is 5.25”. What does this mean, anyone?

Well think about it….Your 70% erection has approximately 70% of its total length, and its trying to pump massive amounts of blood into that 70% of total length so your girth is bigger because your length at that point and time is smaller. Once it gets to max length, you have more room to fill in with blood so it evens out and reaches a sort of “equilibrium” where you girth measurment is a tad bit lower.

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Makes sense, AL.

Didn’t think of that.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Sometimes i can go down to almost 1” when flaccid, usually I’m only 2”-3”, erect I’m 6.5”. So I’m getting from over 100% to 500%, =)

I tried PE for a while, I have seen very little growth. I’ve been on and off a lot though, I just dont have time for it, anyways, I’m a late bloomer, I have 2-3 more years to fully develop my penis. =)


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