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Flaccid vs. Erect ratio


Flaccid vs. Erect ratio

I read somewhere that the flaccid dick will increase in size by roughly 300% when erect.

I did the math:

I’m currently 5.9” flaccid, that’s BP I might add. BP, for me, is the most accurate measurement since body fat varies.

If, in general, the dick increases its size by 300% when getting hard I should be a comfortable 7.7 inches BP erect. Well, I didn’t quite measure up to that, so I’m wondering what’s the deal?

Any ideas?

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Uncut4Big / Mike

when you measured flaccid is that pulling it all the way out or just hanging?

Just hanging. I didn’t pull at all.

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Uncut4Big / Mike

I once did a run through the size data base comparing flaccid to erect changes. It’s been quite a while back but I believe the average gain for 3” flaccid was 2 7/8” arriving at 5 7/8” erect and
5” flaccid average gain was 2 1/4” arriving at 7 1/4” erect.

Since the size data base has nbp flaccid posted (assuming the guys followed the instructions there and posted nbpfl), I would need your nbp to compare my findings with.

For now, I’ll just guess you are about 5” nbp? If that is the case, then according to the average flaccid to erect gain there, you could expect to be about 7 1/4” bpel.

Of course this is just generalizing, and it varies from person to person.

What does throw my findings off is if some posted bpfl and some posted nbpfl. Also, I realise what I found is controversial as many folks believe growers catch up with showers. From what I saw growers do gain ground, but don’t catch up, making the theory partially true.

I think the way you measure has “everything” to do with this survey!

It would be very interesting to find out if everyone measured the same.

Well, I measure always bone-pressed, ever since I started PE a few years ago, and as I said FBPL was 5.9”. Maybe my Flaccid to Erect ratio is different…I’m missing an inch and a quarter somewhere…

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Uncut4Big / Mike

I also measure bpfl and consider it the most accurate way to measure. I’m not sure why nbpfl is considered standard in the size data base? I somehow missed those instructions when I posted there so I’m listed with my bp.

None-bone pressed, come to think of it, should not be considered an accurate measurement, at all. The fat pad and fat fluctuation of the body is too great, from a month to month perspective.

So why not just stick to the bone-pressed measurements?

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Uncut4Big / Mike

hmm I’m about 2 1/2” to 3 1/2” flaccid and my NBPEL is just under 5”. But since that was the average gain I’m not surprised about the results since my dick is below average in everything.

BTW how do I calculate my % increase? 300% of 3 is 9.

Start 5.25 BPEL x 4.36 EG

Current 6.2 BPEL x 4.60 EG

I assume they mean a 300% VOLUME increase. A 300% increase is a 4X increase, not a 3X increase, BTW (100% = 2X, 200% = 3X…). People always get that wrong for some reason. I’m guessing the author of the article you read got it wrong too and he really meant a 3X = 200% volume increase.


That would explain it, I guess.

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Uncut4Big / Mike

I found a site, a while back and didn’t bookmark, unfortunately, that went into detail on flaccid -vs- erect.

In a nutshell, it said that you were not always able to guestimate how big a flaccid p*nis, would get when erect. I cant remember the exact percentages, but it mentioned some guys could increase 50% in length (flaccid to erect), where some might increase 25% in length, and any % in between.

So someone with a flaccid 3”, might be 6” erect, and a another guy with a flaccid 5” might also be 6” erect.

cead mile failte :lep:

If I remember correctly, some site stated that the bigger the penis is in the flaccid state the less it will increase in size when getting erect and vice versa.

But the ratio should be the same, though.

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Uncut4Big / Mike

I’m 6in flaccid, and I grow to 8.5 erect. That is a 2.5 inch increase! Would I be considered a shower and a grower at the same time? In girth I go from 5in flaccid to 6in erect, but my glans must triple its size.

Here’s some more info, it’s from the “net”, so I’m sure it’s true :)

3. A big penis when unerect, will be a big penis when erect. False

A 1988 study (Jamison et al.) looked at the change in size when going from an unerect (flaccid) state to an erect state. The study compared two groups of men, those with smaller flaccid penises and those with bigger flaccid penises. Although they found relatively large variations in flaccid penis size between men, when they became erect, the differences disappeared. In other words, smaller flaccid penises grow significantly more than larger flaccid penises so that when erect, both penis groups are essentially the same size. A Masters and Johnson study (1966) also described this phenomenon. In other words, the volume (length X circumference) of everybody’s penis is similar; longer penises are thinner, shorter penises are fatter.

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