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Flaccid and Erect Debate


Flaccid and Erect Debate

I have often, over the last couple of years I’ve been reading this site ,heard people truly concerned with their flaccid size. I personally never gave much of a crap about flaccid size. I guess if you’re in a situation where you shower alot with other guys it might matter some. The question I’m about to ask is a bit strange(no surprise there) but I think it can be very telling. Okay then, if you could have an erect size of 8 in. But you had to live with a flaccid size of 1 in. Or if you could have an erect size of 6 in.and a flaccid of say 4 inches. Which would you prefer. My guess would be the guys (jock types) who spend alot of naked time with the guys would go for the larger flaccid size. While the rest who are mainly just with women would prefer the small flaccid but larger erect size.

I’d choose the 1” flaccid 8” erect.

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Size Myths in the Porn Industry

In addition: there have been one or two guys who have visited the forum purely for flaccid gains.

Previously known as Mr. Fantastic


Size Myths in the Porn Industry

I would like to have a great flacid length too but not at the expense of not having an 8 inch prick.

If I were an athlete and showered in front of other guys alot, I MIGHT go with 6 and 4. It would be a constant hassle trying to cover up a 1” dick. But I would love to have an 8 incher.

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Eh, whatever I say! If they toy with you make a video or join in at a party fuck. Just wrap it up!

I used to be completely unconcerned with flacid size and couldn’t understand why anyone would care about it. Now I realize it does effect self esteem and body image. It is about feeling good about yourself, just like you would want to have a flat stomach with six pack abs even if you spend 99% of your life with your abs covered up. It is still your body.

With that said, I still think erect size is way more important and would choose the large erection even at the expense of a small flacid. Easy choice.

Horny Bastard

There are so many effects on the flaccid size (state of erection, stress, temperature, cold/warm feet, feeling insecure…) that PE is only the smallest factor.

In my view, it does not make any sense to go after a big flaccid dick. Fluff it up, take a warm shower, think of your girlfriend, those things will make it much bigger in an instant than three years of dedicated PE could.

Alos, I never understood what people actually measure when they measure their flaccid size. Honestly, I think that is pure nonsense. I have a pretty impressive flaccid dick when I exit the shower in front of my wife on a calm Sunday. What the urogolist sees when I am standing in front of him, pants down to my knees, expecting to be examined with his cold hands, is a tiny coward little thingy trying to hide himself in a bush, and they don’t have much in commen except their name.

Good point. The obvious answer to this is to choose the 8” erection with a 1” flaccid, and then walk around with an erection whenever you are in the locker room! :)

Horny Bastard

It would be pretty hard (npi) for me to sport a boner in a locker room. Now we didn’t clarify if this was in a girls’ locker room though :mwink:

I know what VRMan is saying. I have an impressive post shower flaccid (6”) that gets envious looks in the locker room but earlier this week I had to lower my pants in front a new and scorching hot doctor at my local practice and man did it shrink! I’m totally gutted, as not only was she an absolute babe, she also had an adorable personality. I know she probably wasn’t interested in sizing my unit, but I can’t get the disappointment of my poor showing out of my head.

I think it’s kind of a strange hypothetical.

As others have pointed out, the anatomy involved does have adaptive tendencies regarding heat and cold, not to mention stress.

Trying to boil down priorities: erect versus flaccid size …

I don’t know, both are important to self-image in different ways.

I think function, however, is the most important to me. To be able to get and stay hard and give the woman the ride of her life.

That’s not dependent on size.

I don’t want to duck the question of your hypothetical.

Of the two 4” to 6” is the lesser of two evils - because I was just slightly larger than that at one time and did just fine with the ladies - which is where my priorities lie.

To have a penis that goes from 1” to 8” is circus freak material. You’d be weirdo mutant boy; you’d look funny in the gym or on a day to day basis with your woman, and you would bottom out in a lot of women when erect. I guess you could parlay that into a porn career or something - just from the novelty of it, but … I think I’d rather be normal than freakish.

This “much bigger is better” thesis is not so true in my opinion - not with most women. My current size (7.5” BP) is about as long as I want. Much longer and I won’t go balls deep as easily. I am bottoming out on most of my partners and in certain positions I can’t go all the way in without hearing “Ow.”

I’d rather have good sex than sex she can barely tolerate or to be thought freakish.

So that’s my answer.

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I say go with the one inch flaccid and sleep with all the guys wives that screw with you in the shower with your 8in destroyer when they are at work .. :0)

Divine justice

8/06 First measured @ (starting over again) BPEL-6.0" X EG-5.25"

10/06 (2 months) BPEL-6.00" X EG- 5.50" BUT NO LENGTH :0(

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Originally Posted by Biscuit Head
I say go with the one inch flaccid and sleep with all the guys wives that screw with you in the shower with your 8in destroyer when they are at work .. :0)
Divine justice

And you could always bet on who’s got the biggest erect size with those guys, taking their money and showing what you really have. No more jokes on you. :D

I’d have to go with the 4-6 incher. I can’t imagine a 1” flaccid having enough skin to cover 8” erect. If there weren’t a skin issue, I’d have a difficult time deciding which I’d rather have, but I’m leaning towards 1-8.

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