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Flaccid length for you to be HUNG

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Flaccid length (*not* FSL) for you to be HUNG?







> 7”

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I think 6+FL is starting to look big and more than 7 is rare.

5-6,5 cm

Do you guys mean BP or NBP? I’m 6 NBP and 6 3/4 BP.

I think everyone means NBP for flaccid, since flaccid all about the visual.

I’m going to say that 6” would show a hung guy when flaccid. Often 6” flaccid denotes 8” erect, which everyone would agree is big.

I voted 6 NBP. But I think you look huge based on the correlation between your penis size and your height. Let’s say you’re 6 feet 5 with a 6 NBP. Your size would look pretty modest to me. However, if you’re 5 “10 with that same penis size, you would get a lot of stares down there.

I think it’s also important to have some decent flaccid girth. A 5x5 would look more impressive than a 6x4. Ultimate: 6x5. I’d say that’s when you know you’re big.

By the way I forgot to ask this earlier, but what about measuring a flaccid length when we talk about 5, 6, 7, etc.

Are you guys saying this by measurements of it hanging straight down or measuring as we do for erect. Just a thought


The reason I posted this was due to my flaccid straight down is between 6.5 to 7NBP on a good day, but when I come across pics of flaccid pics of “hung men” they seem 8” NBP.


For example, Anna’s most popular post of a “beautiful flaccid hang” depicts a guy with a flaccid that easily 8”nbp.


BT79 -

Could you link to that photo or the thread?

I’ve almost never seen flaccid hangs above 6-7”, unless the cock is obviously pumped or semi-erect.

6” Nbp

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5+ length 5+ girth = a hung penis.

I said 7” just because 7” is lagging behind quite a bit in the poll. For me, the answer is somewhere between 6” and 7”. On a good day, my flaccid is 5.5”, or even a bit more, by about 5.3” girth. Yet it still doesn’t have that “hung” look. So at least 6”, and probably more like 6.5” by 5.7” girth—in my opinion.

Blackthunder, as PG says, those pictures of “hung men” with 8” flaccid lengths are most likely pumped up, jelqed up, etc., and/or they are just post-erection. I can get to 6”+ easily, and thick, when I do this. If I were to pose for naked pics, you’d better believe that this is what I’d do first!

Originally Posted by SlackJawedYokel
I agree with bighit


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