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Flaccid hang

Flaccid hang

Hey winters where I live are crazy. It has been below freezing all week but it was in the 70’s this weekend. Well I normally hang around 4 inches flaccid which is pretty average I believe. But with the incredibly cold weather I was hanging more like 3.75 inches flaccid. But Yesterday it was 75 degrees outside and I realized that my flaccid hang looked much bigger so I measured it and it was a little longer than 4.5 almost 4.75. I thought that was weird so I remeasured a couple times that day and I got the same result. I was just wondering if temperature has an effect on everone? I just wanted to hear what the veterans of the board had to say about that. I look foward to reading your replies Thanks

Yeah it affects everyone!

The water was cold, there was shrinkage. or something like that


I hate “shrinkage”. The winter is the worst. Flaccid hang always fluctuates. Some days are bigger than others.

I’m wondering… to any of you guys here who are particularly big, even when you’re flaccid… how small has your dick ever shrunk up in the cold? Does it get as small as it did pre-PE?

Also, does anyone here think that gains come slower in the winter? Like, if it’s cold all the time and your dick is in a constant state of contraction, wouldn’t it be harder to get it to expand fully? Or stay expanded afterwards because of the cold?

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