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Flaccid gainers, take heart

Flaccid gainers, take heart

If anybody else longs for flaccid gains besides me, there may be light for us at the end of a long tunnel.

I’ve been doing PE now for about 14 months. Very good erect gains. Happy with those. But flaccid change has been elusive and sporadic. There have been some nice hanging days however most days I wondered where the heck it all went.

During the last 4 to 6 weeks especially, there has been definite increase, and whether or not I wear a trusty, leather cock and ball ring, and whether or not I have done PE. I just took three days off from doing anything at all related to PE and still had what I think is good flaccid size, 24 hrs around the clock. As I’ve said here before, I probably won’t be happy until I am absolutely horse-hung soft, but recent developments are really encouraging. Measured before I wrote this: 5 x 5.25 For me, this is really enormous.

Just wanted to crow a little bit. :-)



Dunno maybe there’s hope… MY flaccid length is nearly non-existent - and I’m 65 years old, so not sure what can be done this late in the game! Funny, a mere few jelq strokes, and it hangs pretty decently, limp, but decent length - but a few minutes of inaction. and it’s back at it’s disappearing act again - certainly nothing that would impress anyone… We’ll see how things shake out after a few months.


What?? 5x5.25” flaccid!! OMG. That’s my girth when erect.

That’s impressive man. No wonder you wanted to crow. What did you start at? What have you been doing?

My average flaccid size over a year ago was maybe 2” L, if that; don’t know the girth. But in the last month or so, I’ve just been staying larger. Hey, I don’t know why, but I like it. I started this on the thick side but average length. Nice erect, but flaccid - a real no-show. (Posted my routine in progress section awhile back.) Pumping and jelking is simply kicking in for me, when flaccid, after a real long time of work. Trust me: if I knew why, I’d do whatever a lot more!

I am 61 which indicates that this is not at all an age thing. Some of it is mental I believe, like imaging and thinking positive, but most of it is just hard, repetitive work. So, suggestion for starters? Change your name here to mrmassive or something like that (I was avocet8 well before I was), get your head programmed, and go for it. There’s lots of encouragement here at this site and at PEForums if you need an occassional push. The support sure has helped me along. I don’t know how big he is, but I am determined to be a Clint Eastwood of cock size, via age anyway. :-)



Great response avocet8

I am 62 and I know 90% of this is in the head. We have to use mental imagery in order to focus on the gains we intend to get. Dedication and focus are the two most important elements in penis enlargement. I put myself into a special mental place when I start the jelq procedure and I think of how I want my penis to look when I have achieved the results I want. It is very simple. You have to know what you want first, then know how to achieve it.

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