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Encouraging results with bigger flaccid, looking for more

Encouraging results with bigger flaccid, looking for more

While a relatively new member, I have been doing variations of the newbie routine for 4 months.
I have definitely seen improvement in EQ, EL, veinage, and head size. However, the biggest increase has been
In flaccid size.

EL has increased by 3/8 inch, but average flaccid length is up to 4.25” , an increase of 1.5” from an average beginning of around 2.75”. It also has a thicker look and heavier feel. I have to tell you, this is very, very intoxicating. My EL is now right at 6.125, and while I will take more gains, flaccid improvement is my main goal. I also realize that with flaccid improvement will most likely come erect improvement.

Also, at 5’ 7” and 155 lbs, I am comfortable with gradual improvement. I just love that heavier flaccid hang
That PE has given me.

I have been reviewing the pumping forum here and am really intrigued. I would like to give light pumping a try.
Can any of you give me your results of pumping at low pressure. I am interested in your experiences of how long the post pump size lasted and at what stages of your pumping did these increases last. I have read a lot
And get the idea that regular low pressure pumping will give many people several hours of a larger post pump flaccid.

Any of your experiences are welcomed. Did I tell you that PE and my bigger flaccid is addicting? Of course I did.

Thanks to everyone for their help!

Thanks for an encouraging story trophyrod :)

I failed to mention the best motivation for PE, besides the satisfaction of my heavier flaccid in my hand
And the way in hangs while looking in the mirror against my smaller frame, is my wife’s looks.

My wife knows something is different, but not quite exactly what it is. She knows nothing about my PE, but sex has been better (I am harder, hornier and last longer with little difficulty) and I catch her glancing at my cock more as I am getting in or out of the shower, or as I am getting dressed. That NEVER happened before. She is not someone to come right out and ask about my bigger dick, nor does she initiate a lot of sexual talk, but I can tell she is looking more as I walk around the bedroom and bathroom.

Of course, it may be that I like walking around naked for a longer period of time while getting ready now that I have a bigger flaccid and she is looking more because I am more confident and showing off a little.

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