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Ever do clamping by itself?


Originally Posted by andgrowing
What results have you seen thus far?

1/4” in 6 months ±2 months, I can’t really remember when I started and there have been a few breaks. There was also an injury where I just didn’t notice I needed to loosen the clamp from my original settings with the new girth. I honestly don’t know if this gain is above or below average.

My name is sarcastic.

Originally Posted by Steelfire

The last 8-9 months, I have been doing many months where I only clamp with the intention to gain in girth only. I sometimes vary and do one month with stretching exercises.

What results have you seen thus far?

Hi guys. Can I ask something? Why do people choose horse, clamping ecc and not to use a pump? I tried to write in the pumping forum but I don’t know why I don’t have the permission. So I’ll try here for some questions.

If I’m wright both exercises ,clamping and pumping increase the girth by making the pressure in the penis go higher..
So why does the pump doesn’t leave permanent results? It’s maybe only because a lot of pumpers consider as temporary results the change of their size just after the session and don’t wait to see how it grows in years?

I was also asking to myself how the penis react at clamping because it increase the girth only of the part of the penis that we can see, and it does not change the inside .While I think the pump does it because nothing clamps the base of the penis.

So why don’t choose to use a pump? And how to avoid to have a larger penis with the same base as before while doing clamping or other manual routines?

Please excuse my bad English.

Can I create a new thread with my question? I think it could be interesting but I didn’t know where to post it in order to have some answers.


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