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Good PI's for girth

Good PI's for girth

As I have always noticed good PI’s are a little more tricky with girth, and it’s often hard to tell when I am gaining or not. However, I have been trying something much different lately. It’s my all inclusive approach to girth. Instead of doing the crazy clamping sessions for an hour, I am trying to do a little to my girth all day with some lighter clamping at night. I do squeezes in the bathroom about twice/day, and sometimes even in the car (only on backroads, so don’t worry about your safety haha!)

Anyways I have recently noticed that I lost a little girth, but the weird thing is that my PI’s seem pretty good, my dick feels heavier than before, and it feels thicker in my hand, after several attempts to remeasure, it seems certain I lost a tad.

I have read before that you sometimes lose before gaining, but I am certainly wandering if anyone has experienced this.

Maybe you were retaining lymph and fluid buildup for a 24 hour period after your monster clamp sessions?

Sounds like you are on track for gains if the PIs are good and you are feeling heavier.

I said it before but a good sign for me of gains to come, is a super hard morning boner, that is just a little sore, so I have to take the morning session a little lighter than the sessions later in the day.

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Chunk, thanks for the reponse! Yeah luckily I am getting these boners for the first time more recently after girth days, so hoping it translates.

Hey buddy, how’s it going with that still?

Tough to fine tune the volume every day to find that sweet spot, eh?

Let us know how you’re doing with it man

There's no Replacement for Displacement!

I’ll just go by expansion in the clamp and EQ. If I can get 0.25”-0.5” of expansion while clamped and have good EQ throughout the day, I’ll consider it a good sign.

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Now • 6.50''x4.96''

Goal • 7.00''x5.75''

Not a bad plan.

EQ is such an important thing to monitor. As long as it is solid your routine (whatever it is) is likely within bounds.

Once EQ flags it generally means you are starting to overdo it.

So far so good. :thumbs:

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Thanks for the responses guys. I have not measured again, but I feel bigger, and am feeling even more snug in the 5 7/16ths inch tp rule. I can’t wait until my dick absolutely won’t go in even with lube, but I imagine I’ll have to get to at least a 5.4 ms before that happens!

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