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Erection problem

Erection problem

What the hell? I get turned on too too quickly. When I stretch in my flaccid state I can’t help it and I start getting an erection after 2 min of stretching. Even when I ejaculate, 2-5 min later I get another erection…my sex drive is just too crazy!

WTF man, I don’t even fantasize or anything, I’m just concentrating on stretching yet all the blood rushes into my dick. This is pissing me off.

So is it ok to jack off and then stretch? Will ejaculation affect gains?

Then after about 20 min of streching (trying to remain flaccid), then I jelq, will ejaculation affect the jelq gains here?

Then I shower after 300-400 wet jelqs.

Also, please critique the “Length Xtender”, I found it on a free site somewhere and just copied it.

<snipped. Looks like Reece’s material>

Next, Repeat step 2 as stated above, except this time rotate your penis in a circular fashion to the left about 30 times. Now rotate your penis to the right about 30 times. Keep alternating left to right, until you have completed this exercise about 5 times to each side. End by slapping your penis against your leg 75 -100 times.

This exercise will ensure a longer penis within as little as 2 weeks, but within 3-4 months will really be noticeable. We encourage you to take a notebook and log your measurements are each week. This way you will know exactly what your progress is, and will also encourage you to keep up the exercises.”[/i]

Good routine? It is the one I use for length gains. I have been on/off PEing for 1 month now, and I haven’t stuck to my routine of exercises. I really need to be adamant about this. But I went from 6.3” to 6.5” and my girth feels thicker.

My morning erections the day after PEing are hard as hell! :D


Don’t jerk off. It would be good for you to learn self control, you will be able to last a lot longer. So just try to get use to it, your penis will get use to it that being touched is not always fun time.

Just to warn you Thunder will yank your post if he feels any copy protected material is posted on thunders.


I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

I do last long, my first time was 3 hours…it’s really weird. If I go past say 30 min. I can’t cum so I can just keep pounding away until my girl gets sore.

I can control it and cum in 2 min. also or I can hold it off and cum in 30 min. anything more then I just can’t cum. It’s really weird.

I’m not worried about yanking that post, I’ll try to find the link to it somewhere.

Thanks for the advice! I’ll try to maybe just think of an ugly girl or something…

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