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Erection problem, Urgent

Erection problem, Urgent


I’m 18 years old, and recently (3-4 days ago) came really close to hooking up with this girl I just met. The only problem was, I’d go soft every time I’d try to stuff it in >:( I was really confused, as I was hard for the foreplay. I am un-circumcised, about 6.2 x 5.1, and masturbate about 7-9 times a week (I stopped after this little “awkward situation”). She’s giving me another chance tomorrow night, probably around 3 a.m or so, after we both come in from separate parties, probably drunk. What’s a quick fix I can use, are there any pills or exercises or should I just fake like I’m sleep? I feel I may have had performance anxiety because I’m uncut, but I don’t think she minds after the way she went down on me lol. Please reply soon though, especially about the pills. Oh, and I played it off saying the condoms were too small, since it was kind of hard to get them on. I know my size is barely average, but should I bring a magnum just in case?

Viagra maybe? But don’t see how you can get for tomorrow. You’ll need a prescription also I think.

Originally Posted by ok25390

She’s giving me another chance tomorrow night, probably around 3 a.m or so, after we both come in from separate parties, probably drunk. What’s a quick fix I can use

Lucky you. She’s giving you another chance (sarcasm). Don’t drink.

If you are drunk that is probably the problem. So don’t get drunk.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Oh when we first tried it I wasn’t drunk at all, but ok that makes sense

Is there anything else I can use, like that stuff they have in the gas stations/minimart? I always see horny goat weed or extenze or something like that.

Thanks for the advice btw

I wouldn’t go magnum if you have a problem with your erection and have never used one before man. It’s better for it to be a little tight then for it to fall off inside her and either get crammed up in there, or end in you having to pull it out. Talk about embarrassing.

do drink, but dont go past a certain number.

id say dont go past 8 drinks.

btw good way to play it off. thank god girls are idiots (most of the time)

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I had the mix of chai tea, ginger root powder, and honey, and it worked beautifully for at least two hours strong. Thank you all so much for your help. The only “problem” was that neither of us could have an orgasm (and never have actually, even with other people), but I’ll leave that question for another thread. Yet again, thanks a bunch. @Westla, if that was directed towards me, I apologize.

Pick up a sex pill from the adult store like Priscilla’s. They’ll tell you which one is best.


I think one of the most important things to do is to try and relax. Chances are if you were really nervous that could have a big effect on you getting an erection. So lay off the masturbation, have a couple of beers to relax yourself (but not enough to be drunk), take your time and try to enjoy yourself.

When you meet up, make a point of spending as much time as you can warming her up first, lots of kissing, stroking and as much handywork as you can before you even take your clothes off (unless she starts to rip them off you). Focus on her, you’ll be damn turned on and your body will do it’s thing - focus on yourself too much and you might find that the anxiety kicks in again.

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