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Dry jelqing vs. wet jelqing

Dry jelqing vs. wet jelqing

Is one more effective than the other for penile enlargement and health?

No, the results are the same (IMO).

Dry jelqing FOR LIFE. I love dry jelqing. The reason? It is not messy, you don’t waste your money on lube and it’s less hassle.

Wet jelqing is better because it’s easier to “Slide” the blood up, as the skin is more slick.

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Physiologically, there should be no difference, but I find wet jelqing is far superior for me. I was uncut until I was 19; I can easily imagine that when I was uncut, I would have gone with dry jelqing.

I am uncut and I can say that I kind of feel that wet jelquing works better for length, while dry jelquing is better for girth. At least for me it is.

Whatever is the easiest at the time or gives you the desired results…both should be considered in my opinion.

- Lee Beast

It’s tough for me to dry jelq. I can’t seem to do it properly without lube.

I was about to post the same question but since it’s here, theres no need.

I was just wondering why there are 2 techniques 1 for dry and 1 for wet ?

cheers for the advice.

I prefer dry jelqing because it is less messey.

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