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Does your shaft ever expand?

Does your shaft ever expand?

I mentioned this earlier, with no replies. When exercising, I can force my head to expand over an inch. But I have real difficulty making my shaft expand at all. The only way I can temporarily increase my girth at all is when I compress my unit by grabbing at the base and below the glans and pushing together as in a DLD bend. When I stop, it’s not really any bigger at all. Should I being exerting even more pressure?

Any comments?

The glans is really easier to expand because it’s softer, when i do exercices such as bends or horses i see my shaft expand well during the exercices and when i stop it stay expanded a little on flaccid state during a few hours.
Just take caution to make the clamp at the base tight enough to keep the more blood in, have you already try horses?


Parts not related.

The shaft and the head are two different parts. They are not connected and blood does not flow between them. One expanding has nothing to do with the other. The shaft is composed mainly of the two copora cavernosa surrounded by the tough tunica albuginia. It is not supposed to expand easily. It is supposed to expend enough to hold the blood in it when you get an erection. By doing squeeze exercises you can slowly increase the capacity of the corpora to hold more blood, but it takes a long time and overdoing these exercises can cause serious injuries.

Hey rockinout,

Do you or have you pumped? I do but hate it. I do get some expansion in my shaft which has and will be my biggest challenge in gaining girth. It’s the thinnest part.


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