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Why can't I gain any shaft skin?

Why can't I gain any shaft skin?

I’ve been actively PEing for over a year and have not produced ANY extra shaft skin. I thought it was normal to have some within a short period of time. The little bit of growth I’ve had seems to have just pulled more body skin onto my shaft and at the same time given me quite a turkey neck if you purposely pull on the underside of the shaft.

I feel that the lack of shaft skin is hindering my growth. I have a long white line running from my sack up to almost my glands on the understand of my shaft. If you pull on this mark it pulls out as turkey neck sack skin. Whenever I stretch I feel the pressure riding along this line. Any insights?

PE START (11/10/07) 6.0 NBP x ~5.1 CURRENT (3/07/08) 6.75 NBP x 5.5 - 7.25 BPEL

1/4" with Noose extender (11/06-03/07) - Zero gains with Vac-hanging/Extender and ADS (05/07-11/07) -

1/2" gain with modified Vac-Extender (/w spring loaded compression bars) and manual routine since 1/10/08. ----- Having erection issues? Get off the aspartame! I did and a couple months later my cock is hard as a rock!

Don’t worry. Your skin will never hinder your overall penile growth.

The skin-advancing and turkey-neck effects you describe are common consequences of stretching and hanging. Some guys recommend trying to stretch the shaft skin directly to counteract these issues. You can just grab two points on the underside of your shaft skin, where you describe the pressure when stretching, and pull them apart for a few minutes, a few times a day.

Want some of mine?

My advice is when you jelq, try holding at the base with one hand while you jelq with the other, and alternate.

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