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Does Thicker mean Wetter

Does Thicker mean Wetter

Do women prone to get wetter while having intercourse with a much thicker girth penis say around 7 inch plus penis girth verses a much thinner one around 4.5 inches.

How common is 7” girth? Who can answer that?

I'm pissed of with my gains and loses. I've been doing this for more than 4 years. I keep measuring wrong and the next time I update my signature you will see impressive results.

Wettness is based upon arousal.

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Women usually get wetter the more excited they become. This is not specifically down to girth.

More woman will likely get more aroused with the 4.5 inch girth becuase you will not find too many woman who would prefer a 7 inch girth.

I say that because a very small percent of women have actually felt what a 6 inch girth feels like let alone a 7 inch girth.According to survey most men are around 5 inch girth with a 5.5 girth at the upper end of average. Most woman will be happy with that.

I have 6 inch girth and all women take it easily once they are wet. I think 7 inches would really strain them, though. Possibly in a good way, but it is far less practical since I enjoy having sex for hours.

Is it not a none fact that women a more visually aroused by a larger penis then a smaller one?, and if wetter is a function of visual arousal then bigger should mean wetter. Also, why are so many men engaged in PE trying to become bigger? What is the purpose?

Well that is a phallacy. Typically they are more visually aroused by a larger penis, but that doesn’t mean the view itself will arouse her enough, or that it is more important than everything else you can do to arouse her.
Hell, if you can touch her correctly she’ll soak your sheets even if you have a tiny penis, and if you count only on a big cock, you might find her dry as sandpaper when you try to get in there.

Actually, that is the number one complaint of women towards men with big cocks: they think their cock is enough and do little more than thrust it in.

Originally Posted by Vagabond
I have 6 inch girth and all women take it easily once they are wet.

I have the same experience. Sometimes I really feel there’s room for more (girth wise) when my gf is really excited (and she is sort of petite).

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My ex was something of a size queen. She took me in as if I was nothing, I could fit in two more fingers( and I have big hands) before she got extremely tight. She hated it when I did that though, it made her feel loose.

I taught her to kegel and worked on PE and soon enough sex had improved. And she was 5’4 weighing close to 100 lbs.

My current is a pretty tight girl, but I think I can slip in my pinky without hurting her. And fingers are not as anatomically adaptible as an equally thick penis, so I stand by my previous assessment:

any truly wet woman can take six inches. But seven plus is a stretch. Literally.

I’m a little over 6 inches and I have never had a woman do anything but cum and cum and cum lol.

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Originally Posted by Vagabond
Well that is a phallacy.

Haha. ;)

Visual plays a part but so do many other factors. I once picked up a barmaid and by the time we got in bed she was already sopping wet. She had no idea what my size was before we got in bed. She was far too wet, at least for my size which at that time was 4 1/2 mid and 4 3/4 base girth. I wondered if she could feel anything with that much lubrication. She wasn’t making any sounds so I had no way of knowing whether or not from vocals. I could feel her wetness on my penis, but there was absolutely no pressure and it was like sliding along on wet air. I think I needed a much thicker penis with her.

If you feel she is too wet (and the penis slides really easy) try to put it in as far as you can and thrust very hard into her pubic bone (with your pubic bone, not your cock). So the sensation is not the rubbing inside the vagina, but the pressure on the pubic bone. This should help both of you feel better.

edit: I can see how this might not work if you are over 8” in length.

18.02.08: NBP 6.7, BPSFL 7.9, EG 5.9

18.05.08: 6.9" NBP, 8.3" BPSFL, 7.7" BP

my lazy ass is on a break AGAIN, since late may '08

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