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The middle is thicker

The middle is thicker


I’m asking someone for advice on how to continue my PE exercises… I have recently stopped doing them, because of some troubles…

My measures are:

- 6,1” Non-bone
- 6,37” Bone-pressed
- 4,75” - 5,1” girth

I started PE around 20.10.03

Exercises I’m (was) making are:

5 min hot wrap
5 min manual stretch (ten 30-second stretches)
10 min of jelq (two hundred 3-second strokes)
5 min hot wrap
50 kegels of five second holds each

Schedule: 2 days ON / 1 day OFF

Recently I Stopped doing PE, because I evolved some irregular thick belt in the middle - It seems to be permanent


It’s about an inch wide and it’s not lymph fluid. It’s permanent. I think the muscle has dis-formed itself. The erection stretches it somehow, so it’s just thicker in the middle… In flaccid state it’s quite odd. Here is a little sketch…

however it’s curved on the right side, but not as much as in the picture.

I was definitely doing something wrong, but can’t figure out what…

I prefer manual exercises, so I’m gratefully looking forward to further instructions on how to continue exercising…

Thank You for your advice.

Greetings Marti

It’s possible that you might be stretching single handedly. Are you puuting all of the pulling efforts on one side?
I would definitly look into alternating hands in that manner, but also look at alternating overhand as well as underhand jelging.

Sometimes after jelging I get a similar effect. I immediately change my style and work on the smaller side in order to keep things symetrical.

Squeezes and bends might be useful in your situation as well.

I’m discovering that PE is much like BodyBuilding, it’s an experiment until you find what works for you.

I hope a few of our Veterans get involved here.

Same thing happened to me and I can`t figure it out also. I am doing some light jelqs opposite the curve and some ulis with my penis opposite the curve. I also have that belt looking thing on my right side. I got no idea how to get rid of it and what it is. I got mine overnight and after crazy PE. I think i could have done something to tunica in that spot so it doesn`t hold blood in the chamber as it suppose to (the spot the belt is at the tunica could be stretched or like slightly ripped or something)

NOW : jan1-04 6.25x5.0 curve to the left about 40 degrees.

HOPE : 7x5.5 end of 2004 curve of 20 degrees or less.


Shit happens with PE sometimes. I have a 7 inch thrombosis that will probably be with me forever. There are risks with PE…I read your thread about this before, either take a long break (6-8 weeks) and see if it heals, or learn to love your new shape. Maybe your girth routine is aggravating the problem…maybe go for length for awile. These are just some suggestions, I have no clear answers unfortunately. Good luck

One foot to go

Thank you all for your suggestions. Maybe I should gain girth on thinner parts, or start hanging… Hope this will help.

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