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Does LOT increase?

Does LOT increase?

I’ve read many instances where PEers state that their LOT has increased as their size has increased? Is this correct?

I take it that when you say “LOT has increased” you mean raised.

If you start with a low LOT and hang or stretch at high angles you can raise your LOT to get gains.

I guess each of us is different in this respect. I started out with a high LOT, therefore did all of my stretching at a downward angle. My LOT is unchanged, between nine and ten o’clock, so I continue to do most of my stretches pulling straight out or downward.


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Mine was lower (8:00 or so) and after a couple of weeks of very good upward stretching, I am now about 9:30-10:00


I’ve read that a high LOT can gives faster gains because you can focus on the ligs. I have a LOT of 07:00 and I’m hanging at 10:00 (in a sitting position).

1) Do you think it will be better to hang at a higher angle?
2) Did you gain in length in the period while you had increased your LOT?


1) I stretched at 12:00. What I would do is this….Use my Capn’s Wench, and tie it to my head board on my bed, and just lay there watching TV. If you need to stretch it more, scoot down the bed some. While stretching like this, I would do some moderate kegels every once in awhile.

2) I gained 1/8” in 2 weeks.

I will be stretching downward in a week or so until my LOT goes down again. You need to keep an eye on what your LOT is so you can maximize gains.

Great info xlmagnum

1) My english is not really good (I’m from Holland). Do I understand it well if I say that you are planning to go hanging downwards and when you see your LOT is dropping (when you hang downwards…) you will be hanging at 12:00 again?

2) What would be your advice if your LOT was 07:00? Hang at 09:00 / 10:00 / 11:00 or 12:00 ?

Thank again

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