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Do you think girth or length makes you look bigger?


my cock isn’t even 5 inches in girth, but girls keep telling me “it’s huge!” I think it’s the length first, girth second.

I want more girth though…..

Originally Posted by coolbill
It’s a hard call. :) I’d do alot for more girth but once you get past a certain length I don’t think I’d trade it for anything. At where I’m at I wouldn’t trade more girth for less length, it’s a proportion thing for me.

I would, but that’s because I’m so thin. I would trade being above average in length and under average in girth to average for both. Right now I feel like with girth, I’m trying to catch up to the average, which is disheartening at times.

What’re you stats, spanky?

Originally Posted by spanky123
my cock isn’t even 5 inches in girth, but girls keep telling me “it’s huge!” I think it’s the length first, girth second.

I want more girth though…..

That’s true. I think we are so used to this PE “sport”, with all this measurments every day, we think we are tiny but for girls is a different story. The other day I was in a strip club and I say to one of the hot ladies while having dance “you wanna see my cock?” she said “yeah!”. At that point I was excited so was hanging a half flaccid of around 6.5” and a girth of maybe 5” and When I pull it out, she almost fainted; she twisted her legs on the couch, looked to the side and said “Ok please put that thing away” I couldn’t stop laughing because of her reaction!!! LOL I was like “what’s going on baby you don’t like it?” and she was like “dude that thing is humongous!! you can kill a girl with that thing” and again, one of my concerns: I told her is not that big…hard is just around 8” and she said “yeah right, that thing hard is like 9”-10” (because she saw a big flaccid) That’s why I’m interested in increase my EL and not my FL anymore.

I definately think its the girth, probably ‘cause I cannot get it at all. All porn cocks are big in girth, but not always very long.

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Girth no questions asked, after having quite a few MMF threesomes no matter how many times I have a guy beat in length, his thicker head will typically make his unit look much much larger. Just comes with the territory, more or less. Length maybe nice to show off, but girth hands down gives the illusion of size. A girthy 6” penis to me looks much larger than a thinner 7” penis. :shrug:

Length is what everyone talks about, but girls definately like the girth better.

Originally Posted by RandomGiant
Length makes you look bigger, but chicks dig the big girth.

I would disagree here, if you don’t mind.

Think Nacho Vidal, popular spanish porn actor. He’s under 8” length and everybody guess he is 10” or even more lenght just because his dick looks huge due to his massive girth (above 6,5” midshaft).

Myself I’m 7,3” length and 6,5” girth midshaft and all girls I’ve been lately guess my length is well over 8” or even 9”. I think this is because a very thick dick has a deep visual impact. They see a big dick and translates it to more inches in length than they actually are.

For me, al least, is far diserable a big girth over a big lenght, and so does think girls I’ve asked about this particular.

That’s some pretty good girth man. I’m proud of ya :) I have to admit that you guys may be right and I’m not easily convinced. The other day I had a good jelquing/pumping session. When I got out of the pump I was HUGE! I brought my session up a notch without risking my penile health. My girth was amazing. I can Imagine what a chick would have thought but I’m convince that great girth with good length make you look a hole lot bigger. I guess I had to see it with my own dick to believe it.

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And when it comes to stimulation, my modest opinion is that nothing beats a good girth. After all, what fills a hole (pussy, anus or mouth) is volume (good girth) not lenght.

Ok, regarding the issue disucussed in this thread, I hope my experience about massive girth could provide a point of view based on my own experience. I’ve posted this in another thread.

When it comes to tastes, there are no absolutes.

Some women find more appealing girth and some others prefers lenght.

Based on my own experience I’d say that in a contest of thick vs. long thick is the winner.

After spending several years with this PE thing I realised that I get girth gains easier than length gains.

So slowly I made my routine based on girth exercises that eventaully lead me to clamping.

Now, my current stats are 7,5 ” length BP and 6,5” girth midshaft. Now I do clamping exclusively with a extreme clamping approach I won’t explain here because it’s too risky if you are not conditioned enough. I was greatly inspired by the experience of some members like Aristocane and RedZulu.

All the girls I’ve been with lately were delighted at the look of my fat dick. They loved to feel their mouths fullfilled when doing a blow job. Some of them were unable to get a bit above the glans inside their mouth.

Because I do PE I asked all of them their opinion about my dick. They all said something like “Woow, it’s real big!”. Most of them guessed my lenght was well over 8” or almost 9” (I guess that’s because a really fat dick has a deep visual impact).

When asked if they prefer girth or lengh they answered girth because they like the feeling of “being filled”. Also, one of them told me: I love fat cocks because I like to be fucked with my pussy wide open, hard balls deep without caring about pain”.

No one liked the idea of a very long dick with a less than average thick (assuming average being about 4,5-5”).

Most girls found my fat dick like a sign of strengh and power, or at least they told me so.

All the girls enjoyed the feeling of a fat and heavy dick filling her hands. In fact, they enjoyed beating the dick against their faces to feel is weight.

And I personally enjoy the feeling of this fat and heavy dick hanging between my legs and holding it with my hand. I enjoy the girl telling me “slowly, please, you’re so big….” when I put my dick inside her. And of course, I enjoy to see her mouth filled with a fat dick. Anal sex it’s also pleasurable once the girl is conditioned to the size. I love her pain screams when it slowly goes inside her ass-hole….

When clamped I get a bit above 7” width (that’s close to the widht of a beer can).

I will be clamping this way until I reach 7” fully cemented. I hope I can reach this size.

In fact, I don’t want more lenght. If I gain more lenght from clamping it will be welcomed, but for me it’s clear that having a very fat dick like mine it’s better than a longer one with an average width, in part because I enjoy hard balls-deep strokes.

As I said, that’s only my experience with my dick and the girls reactions and opinions. I Don’t care about surveys. In fact, due to experience I hardly believe anything I read on the net.

All in all one thing is clear to me: a good girth is as important as a good lenght when it comes to consider a dick as a big one. A big lenght turns a dick look large and a good girth turns a dick massive.

Both length and girth makes a dick look huge, but in different ways.


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