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Do you think girth or length makes you look bigger?


Do you think girth or length makes you look bigger?

well i’m right at 6EL”x5.2EG”

even though i’m not that long i love my girth and think it makes me look pretty damn big.. i’ve tried the toilet paper roll test and i cant get the roll down on the bottom 3 inches.. just wondering if you guys prefer length or girth or which one makes you look bigger and better.

Length makes you look bigger, but chicks dig the big girth.

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I have a bigger than avarage girth which I really like, but I think it makes my length seem less significant. I wish I “looked” longer.

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Length seems to be it for me.

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Girls find length more attractive but once in the bed, they love the girth.

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You know for girls there is not that much difference between 5.25 or 5.5 in girth so I

Think length would be more of a eye catcher. But once in action girth gain in importance

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Less is more.

The whole reason I started PE is because I felt my girth made my length look small, even though my length was average.

At one point I basically felt my girth was the same as my length and wanted to change it!

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Do you think girth or length makes you look bigger?

Yes I do!

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Length most definitely makes your dick look bigger. However, a gain of an inch girth wise will make you bigger than a gain of an inch length wise.

I think length makes you look bigger (more impressive). I have 6” + in girth but average length. I’ve always wanted more length. Trying to get that classic 8” x 6” penis.

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It’s about proportion. I think length makes you LOOK bigger provided you have enough girth to prevent it from looking like a stick of spaghetti. For me, a 1/2” gain in girth would appear to be a 1” loss in length.

I’m at a point now where I don’t want much more length because I hurt my girlfriend if I’m not careful, but she still loves waking up to a monster in the morning. Her words, not mine. Once I hit 8” BPEL consistently, I’m gonna start working strictly on girth.

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coolbill, I’d kill for your stats.

I agree with iamaru.

Seriously though, the dicks that I’ve labelled “really big” have all been of considerable girth, but I’ve seen 8 inch dicks with thin girth that didn’t really qualify as big. So I would say girth.

Originally Posted by Okish6er

Girls find length more attractive but once in the bed, they love the girth.


19th Feb 2012

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