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Do You Really Notice/Feel Your Size Gains


Yoyototo hit the nail on the head.

From a volume perspective, a 6 inch penis that gains .5 inches in length gains 1 cubic unit…a 6 inch penis that gains .5 in girth gains 2.5 cubic units. That’s about an 8% increase from a half inch gain in length and a 23% increase from a .5 inch gain in girth.

So, that said, your girlfriend is much more likely to see AND feel a .5 gain in girth. We could go further, basing the way light hits your girlfriend’s cornea and her perception of dangly length vs. meaty volume…but I would have to take her into my optometry studio. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Baywatch have a good weekend and dangle your meat wagon off the Northeast coast.

When you think you need to wear bigger shoes to keep you from falling forward - then you notice.

Originally Posted by Stretchin
Size matters, that's why my dick is blue and brown and has a sharp pain in the left side.

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Those gains sneak up on you when you least expect them to. It is good to do a visual compare it to an object of equal size.

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I found myself wondering on this question once upon a time. I mean, was my definition of, “bone pressed” when I started PE the same as it is now? Perhaps my “gains” were coming from more favorable measuring- and etc.etc.etc. I too found myself wishing I had taken really good starting pics. However, now that I’ve gained around .75 inches in length I find that my dick, when it’s hard and I’m fooling around with one of my chicas, is rubbing up against her and making contact in situations where it would not have. This feels really strange sometimes. It’s kind of like my mind isn’t used to the length of the new tool. The new dick kind of feels like a ghost dick…kind of like amputees report feeling. It bumps into my chicas ass when I’m between her legs and I’m like, “hey, *contact*!!!” And this is happening in situations where I’m definitely NOT expecting to make contact. Keep it up man. You’ll probably really start to feel that evidence of your growth is incontrovertible around .75 inches additional cock. It’s a great feeling man, you’ll see!

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Originally Posted by Vehe1
It’s sort of like when your growing up, you don’t notice your getting bigger, but when you see someone you haven’t seen for years they’re like “wow you’ve grown”.

Perfect analogy :thumbs:

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Certainly feels meatier than ever. Looks bigger relative to my hand size. My clamping dividends.. sweet lord, they’re finally coming.

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Much bigger. I wish I had taken starting pics, (or could take some now) because when I hit my goal, I’m getting a camera and showing it off to all you guys… and anyone else who wants to see ;)

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

Originally Posted by baywatch
The funny thing, however, is that I don’t at all feel 1/2” longer when I get a boner. In fact it looks/feels the exact same as always.

I’m like the ruler must be wrong….

That is how it was for me as well. I was a slow gainer which might figure in.

Where I noticed it the most while gaining was simply the feel of the larger flaccid flopping around in my underwear during the course of a day.

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Originally Posted by gprent

I certainly notice my change in flaccid length (and girth) every time I take a piss. It’s like someone else’s cock has been transplanted on my body. I couldn’t be happier with my results.

Wow. That must be a great feeling.

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Great responses for a newbie to read. I hope we’re all there someday when we can visually notice gains for ourselves.

Yep, I can see them all right. I can see the length when I get a woody and I can feel it being bigger in my hand. Thank God for PE.


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