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Do You Really Notice/Feel Your Size Gains


Do You Really Notice/Feel Your Size Gains

I’m closing in on a 1/2” NBPEL length gain. Of course I’m very happy. The funny thing, however, is that I don’t at all feel 1/2” longer when I get a boner. In fact it looks/feels the exact same as always.

I’m like the ruler must be wrong. Or I was measuring wrong. In fact I have not been measuring wrong. I am a fanatic when it comes to measuring accuracy. That being said my dick is near 1/2” longer when I get wood.

Also, I’ve been with the same girl during the entire time I’ve gained the near 1/2”. Granted its a LDR so I only see her once a month or so for a few days but still she has not said anything or even hinted that its longer. She said my dick was big before (even though I know that’s not entirely true but that’s a different hang up, right?) and still says that now.

My question is 1.) those who have gained in length do you feel different, and 2.) those who have gained length while sleeping with the same girl did that girl notice.

I think I can relate to those who say when you hit X you will want Y. I am pretty much at the length I said I would do anything for and its not what I thought. I want more. I am pleased though and I have been at this for a long time.

Oh, the recent gain that got me to about 1/2” total is new so its not cemented and I’m stressing it will go away or wont be there when I see my GF next, which is in a

Notice this post is all about length as girth for me has not come into play so I’m more interested in length gain experience.

I do feel different. But I only recently started sleeping with a new girl and taping myself for the first time and I’ve concluded that:

-She says it’s big but has no basis for comparison for growth.

-My dick looks massive on tape.

Trust the ruler, your head is screwed up.

It looks bigger, and I’ve gained .5” NBPEL just like you.

My girl said my dick looked bigger flaccid, and I’ve noticed hitting her cul da sac more often.

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I certainly notice my change in flaccid length (and girth) every time I take a piss. It’s like someone else’s cock has been transplanted on my body. I couldn’t be happier with my results.

Originally Posted by gprent

I certainly notice my change in flaccid length (and girth) every time I take a piss. It’s like someone else’s cock has been transplanted on my body. I couldn’t be happier with my results.

Same here. I notice a much better flaccid more than anything. The wife notices the flaccid length and girth, also. She has never really mentioned anything about erect length that I can remember, but she now calls the little soldier “hefty”. After 4 kids, she probably appreciates the girth more than length. That is why I am clamping and jelquing like a madman right now.

It’s sort of like when your growing up, you don’t notice your getting bigger, but when you see someone you haven’t seen for years they’re like “wow you’ve grown”.

I have felt the exact same way. I have gained 1.125” in EL, 1.5” flaccid and .25 in girth. I notice the flaccid more than anything too.

I kind of wish I had taken starting photos so I would have something to compare to. The wife never did comment until I told her

(which was after about 5/8” gain.) She’s made comments that it looks longer. I lost some girth during a decon break and she said it felt skinny.

Fortunately I regained it and some more. But even today, I still think it looks the same length erect. The girth is noticeable. I think maybe like Vehe1 said the change is so gradual you don’t notice or we forget what it looked like before PE.

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Hell yes,

I got a lot bigger cock than before PE. I love to admire the length and girth when I’m just in a flaccid state. My new lady has given me the nick-name - BIG.


Fire shall reign from above as shards of heated shrapnel hurl savage kisses to mortal flesh and shattered bone below.

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I don’t but she does. Well actually, I do feel myself bottoming out now where I never did before. When I can get into the CDS she can really feel it now.

The lack of noticing is where body dysmorphia plays tricks in your head. That’s why you’ve got to take pictures and measure with a ruler.

Forget girlfriend comments, your own disillusioned brain, and everything else except those concrete, well-measured statistics. Accuracy and definite gain is the only thing that will keep you going in your PE goals.

Personally I can’t relate to you gainers who are like “it looks like somebody else’s dick on my body.” I have gained an inch in NBPEL and my dick ranges from 3 inches to 4.5 inches in the flaccid state. It always looked like that to me.

The only way I measure is FSL with legs exactly 8 inches apart and my torso perpendicular to the ground (not hunched over looking at the ruler).

Yes I notice my size gains in length and girth. I never measured my flaccid before PE, but it hung above my balls. Now my penis hangs about 2 inches below my balls. My girlfriend has also inquired that it has gotten bigger in length and girth. She was like I hope it doesn’t get any longer or it will hurt really bad. That’s pretty funny too considering I am only BPEL: 6”… then again she is around 5 foot 2.

I notice that I’m hitting the wives cull da sac much more often and she orgasms faster.

I also notice a much better flaccid hang.

The wife does not like for me to wear any thing but pleated pants when we go out now, she is like “I do not want other women staring at your cock, your size is just so obvious in jeans or regular slacks”.

Plus, my cock feels much much heavier after sex.

I think it has to be a significant gain to notice a change in erect length but a change in erect girth I’d expect to be more noticeable because it starts to feel heavier.

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Originally Posted by gprent

It’s like someone else’s cock has been transplanted on my body.

:D I feel same every time I look on my flaccid in bathroom mirror before bath.

From my experience - I saw visible change after gaining 0.8” of BPEL.

I know what you mean Baywatch. I have had a 0.5x0.5 gain, and I really dont feel any different. I do however notice a bigger package when I have tight pants on. Others notice as well. I never used to get comments on my package before PE.

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