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differentiating the clamping growth curve


Douglas Adams?

Originally Posted by gprent
Use this formula: T ave = sqrt(x2+y2)[a/sqrt(x2+y2) + bi/sqrt(x2+y2)]

Are you a mathematician or something? Because I feel pretty stupid right now. =P


I think he is referring to how masturbation affects gains. I’ve added the full explanation within par(agraphs):

T(ime) ave(rage) = squirt(x2+y2)[a(verage number of)/squirts(x2+y2) + b(arely) i(nterrupted)/squirts(x2+y2)]danb,

regards, mgus

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Wouldn’t T need a known time variable?

Like if it took 42 days to get a 1/8” difference in unclamped girth, then you would have a more complete formula.

You could also make a different formula for length of time clamped per day = such and such gains over a given time.

Sure, we could make T some variable number of days.


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