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different perception male~female


different perception male><female

Hi to all,

The reason for the “different” space perception in females could be grouded in a lack of “male hormone”.

As I have read on internet, a deficience of “male hormone” is prejudicial for the development of the space perceptiont on apes.

This is in humans more sharp developed in males as in females…

I thoug that it could be interesting as it has being wrote about it in the pass


I thought this would have been obvious;

it’s all to do with the development of the brain of a feutus. The influence of hormones and other environmental conditions can alter the path of development…

If you are talking about how women have bad perception of penis size, i think the answer is obvious. We men are the ones with the penises. We see them every day, we have measured them and we therefore know how big they are.
We know what a 6 incher looks like and we know what an 8 incher looks like.
This is a question for all men in general - How many women have you slept with that immediately pulled out a ruler to measure your unit? Not many i should think.
If a woman sees an 8 incher, she will say it is 9 or 10 inches, but we will know how big it really is because we know better!

Take DLD for example, he’s something of an expert at analysing pictures.

correct. there has actually been studies on this.

testosterone does affect spacial relations. woman do manufacture in in the pineal gland(i think).
doesn’t take much for a measureable increase in spacial relationships.

interestingly, the more testosterone, the more that visual pornography is arosing. unfortuately, the more the sex act is less fulfilling.

Originally posted by Horse
If a woman sees an 8 incher, she will say it is 9 or 10 inches, but we will know how big it really is because we know better!

I never really considered this angle, very interesting. I think women do have a sort of staple when it comes to size perception. Small, Medium, Big and Huge. I think that the measurement they toss around are based out of these size descriptions. When a women says “He was huge” and your follow up question is “Well, what is huge” I think a staple value is immediately said without real thought…”14 inches”….”11 Inches”…”9 Inches”… or whatever number she deems Huge. Even though the penis may be 8” she is talking about the number gets lost in the word Huge and usually when it emerges the numbers are invalid. A very neat test is to have your girl tell you the number of inches her “Hugest” lover was then have her draw a line on a large piece of paper. I think you will be surprised at the difference.

to add to this:

I think a women/partner who is involved with our PE programs is quickly cured of these size illusions.

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Funny isn’t it that if a woman looks at a penis that is 6” She thinks its 8”, if its 8” she thinks its 10”…….etc….

To back up this theory.. Put a woman in a car, she now has a penis of her own. She will always think that the car is larger than it is! If there is a gap 10’ wide to drive through she will think the gap is only 5’ and not wide enough to get the car through. So in theory she thinks her penis is larger than it is!

before I told my wife about pe, I asked her how long she thought my dick was, she replied correctly about 6”. At the time I was 7.5 bone pressed but 6.125 non bone pressed. The reason I think that she got it right is that she really only looks at it during foreplay when she bends down from from above to give it a bit of a lick or suck. there was another post in a different thread that offered that the difference in perception was a difference in perspective and that it looked bigger when viewed from below. I think this theory has merit, my wife seems to always approach from above and gave a good estimate. Women that normally approach from below I guess will give a larger estimate.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

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I guess it’s all good…Tell the world…Tell every last soul that I am 2” bigger than I am!

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

My girl told me another story last night. As some of you know, she dances. Well they had a slow night the other night, and her and a few of the girls and one of the security guys were sitting around bullshitting…and ‘somehow’ they got onto sex and relationships. My girl got to bragging about how much she loved me and how much I help her out, etc, etc,….she told me one of the girl said something like “damn girl you better be giving HIM head!” My girl replied (so she says) “Shit, he’s 9x6….that’s 54 cubic inches of penis! Do you really expect ME to get that in my mouth???” She really does go around telling people she knows that I’m 9” long when I’m really 7.5 ish. How great is that?

Ahh, the undying anxiety of the female’s perception of our size.

My girl hasn’t seen my dick yet, but I keep thinking she’s gonna think it’s tiny when she sees it. She has said she thinks average penises are 7”, although she’s never seen a dick before… so she says. ;) As it stands (heh heh), my member is 6.13”. So does this mean if she saw a 5” penis she’d think it was average and if she saw mine she’d think it was 8.13” and above average? (Well… along those lines anyway!)

I’m spending a lot of time worrying about this. Can someone help me out?

Pathetic fact of the day:
I’m worried she’ll tell her friends I have a small penis.

PE SMART - Quality is infinitely better than quantity. Monitor your progress. Make changes accordingly.

Chances are that if any thing she will overestimate your size.

If she really likes you she’ll even add a little when talking to her gf’s. It helps if when she sees it for the first time that it is an “up from under shot” or sraight on looking down the shaft. First impressions are so important. From above is the least flattering angle which is why we all think that our dicks are smaller than they are in reality. Oh yeah, if you make her cum your dick will seem even bigger than what her estimates were. Some guys suggest exagerrating the size and they will believe you within limits. If you are 6” nbp you could get away with saying your 7” bt probably would be snickered at if you said 10”.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Fact is that we not only care about our knowledge on how big we are, but also we care about how other people perception of us.

I see that as bit confusing, cause if you care to much what others think about you, you will always be influenceable, and that
means you are not the owner of your live, you will create anxietys etc..

I agree that we are naturaly influenceable, cause we live in comunity and it is implicit , and we will always want to be seen as good as posible, but we have to belive in us aswell.

I met girls with very diferent opinions about my penis size, from normal to big (Im about 7’), so if I care what they said I would be thinking both big + small…The only thats matters is your own opinion.

My advice, find the right person and always have a good impresion from your self…



I am a little over 6.5 bp and about 5.75 girth and my wife tells me that I am HUGE! Now is this her trying to make me feel good or is she being serious? Could girth have anything to do with their misconceptions? Does the word huge only imply length or girth or a combination of the two? I think it is a combination myself. If I had an 8” penis but it was only 4.5 in girth I dont know that she would still call it HUGE.

Re: I'm HUGE!

Originally posted by long2Blong
Could girth have anything to do with their misconceptions?

I think this plays a HUGE role. A guy who is 6” length is not that different from a guy who is 7” length, but the difference in 1” of girth is enormous. I am only 6” nbp length but I think I will work on a ton more girth even though I am 5.5”

Pat Bateman

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