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different perception male~female


Originally posted by bbc
…the more testosterone…the more the sex act is less fulfilling.

Hey now, speak for yourself…


"It's the size that matters, not how you use it..."

in reviewing my post, i wasn’t that clear.
testosterone in woman increases spacial relationship ability, increases arousal by visual pornography (vs the ” verbal “romance novel),and unfortunately decreases fulfillment in the sex act.they can’t come up with an explanation for the last one.

men, on the other hand, are so awash in estosterone, and it varies so much during the day, that the above doesn’t apply. in fact, i bet that pornography probably increases testosterone.

PS, if you want to naturally increase your testosterone level while decreasing the chances of prostate cancer, become a nudist.
prostate cancer is inversely related to UV exposure, and the stomach area when exposed to the sun triggers production. the sun does cause wrinkles, but your skin cancer risk is related to the burns you receive as an adolescent, and not to the exposure/or lack of exposure to the sun as an adult.

>>prostate cancer is inversely related to UV exposure>>

This is news to me, I guess I missed that study. I think that there may be something to the satisfaction/testosterone thing. males are able to impregnate many females a week (perhaps 14 or 15) From a survival standpoint it would make sense to have the male of the species constantly looking for a mate, especially since in early societies the ratio of women to men were such that men had multiple mates available (his competition having been disabled or killed in accidents or battle).

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

prostate cancer

the map of the US showing morality rates are quite scarey.

straight lines, on an angle to the horizontal (angle of earth’s tilt?), across the US.

prostate cancer is worst in maine, least in florida (in spite of the older population there).

this would also explain why blacks have a higher rate than whites in the US; however diet can be involved (lowest rates are in japanese) and the lower life expectancy in Africa doesn’t allow
a valid cross-cultural comparison.

in short, eat your tuna fish naked on the back porch in florida.

Dam it

Well I found out a x gf referred to me as 6-7 ( she was a cow anyway) when I am a legit nbp 7.4 x 5.5

I think it depends on what their used to.. But I heard that when a group of girls was asked to draw two

Lines with a space of 8” apart. 70% drew between 6-7 inches.

Ahhh why it not happen to me!

My girlfriend told me a joke today on this topic. She said, you know why women have such a hard time judging size? Because all of their lives, they have been told that this (holding her fingers about 3 or 4 inches apart) is 6 inches! lol

I saw a show on Discovery Health last night about the difference between boys and girls and basically they said that androgenic exposure in the early stages of developement shapes the brain differently. There are two limbic systems, and old, reactiknary one geared towards motion and spatial perception, which is reactionary and a new system which is geared towards communication and emotions, which is more analytical.

Brain activity in boys was higher in the old system and in girls in the new one.

I told my girlfriend I was over a little over seven inches a while ago (but not that the measurement was bone pressed)

She says she’s glad I’m not any bigger; she’s only five feet tall and she has the shortest vaginal canal of any partners I’ve had. Even in the shallowest positions my dick can hit her cervix which is painful for her. She always says things like “look at that big dick.” or “I need some deep dicking!” even though I know she has been with bigger men, I know she hasn’t liked the sex as much.

From her descriptions of the guys she fucked that were bigger than me, I’m guessing 9-10 inches, but I wonder how she would describe me to others?

Really though, it’s only a number: she is satisfied. I’m still into PE for my own sake but I won’t go further than 8” on account of her.


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