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Dear Dad

Dear Dad

Wanted to wish all of our daddy’s a happy fathers day today!

Whether your kids are grown and out of the house, or still in diapers, or somewhere inbetween you are a gift to them, and they are a gift to you. Enjoy your day, do something fun.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Thanks sunshinekid. I am at work today and will be until 7:00 pm. Family (including inlaws) will be at the house when I get off work. Even though I am here, I know that my kids love me. I recieved a “candy” arrangement at the gate this morning. It was in a model ford truck.

Again, thanks for thinking of us Dads.

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Happy Father’s day Dads.

Happy Father’s Day!

My wife got me some Magic the Gathering cards and new shoes. She’s a sweetie! My oldest son got me a pair of candy underwear as a joke. I told my wife, who is making steak and salad for dinner tonight, to “Save room for dessert!”

How’s your father’s day going?

Thanks, Sunny. I have no dad’s left in my life, (some honorary “adopted” types, though)And my son is out of the country so this Fathers day has been kind of bitter sweet. Thanks for thinking of us.

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Originally Posted by Hog7.5
Thank you, Sunny.

You know, a nice pesent for your devoted admirers would be a pic in the Female Feet thread.:)

Patience grasshopper, patience. Pics will be coming, I promise.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Last night my wife walked into the kitchen, dropped her clothes to the floor, bent over the counter, and said, “Happy Father’s Day.” I thanked her as I spanked her :)


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I got a great pair of Nike Free sneakers… the really soft and flexible ones… and two nice shirts.

No sex tho…


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Thanks sunny, I had a pretty good first father’s day, hope everyone else had a good one



To the real fathers out there. The ones that raise their kid, taught their kid, disciplined their kid, fought for their kid, cared about their kid, sacrificed for their kid, loved for their kid, and some, even died for their kid.

To the real fathers out there who understand being a father means eons more than not squeezing the prostate leading to an accident 9 months later.

To the real fathers out there, the heroes that all kids look up to. The Rock in the household. The pillar of strength. Not the dopey dumbshit passive fools portrayed on sitcom television.

We salute you.


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