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what are some signs that you may be inflicting adverse effects on yourself?

Thrombosed viens (clogged viens which feel hard to the touch and can be tender), a constant pulsating flow of blood from your urethra (LOL, never seen this but, if you do you are doing something VERY wrong), cracked scaley maybe even itchy skin…usually a sign that youre squeezing too hard…stretching the skin and tissues too quickly for it to adapt. Any discoloration that lingers and doesnt clear up within a couple days, loss of feeling, or numbness, diffaculty in getting aroused. Oh and if your penis turns green and starts emitting a foul odor you should definitely get that checked out.


If your having a problem just post it, you can screw yourself up if your not carefull with PE no doubt and if did hurt yourself I’m sure someone here might have had the same problem and can advise you. Most minor problems are cured with some rest time.


What do you do if you have thrombosed vein’s? Do you take aspirin and just lay off PE until the hardness disappears? I know aspirin can help but how much should I take? Any suggestions?

This really isn’t the right forum…
Check out the injury forum.


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