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Piqw' gathered info about nerve damage

Piqw' gathered info about nerve damage

Piqw preached me to post the infos below.

My information:

I have been/currently going through some nerve damage, 10 months in at the moment it’s horrible but I have been, just recently, seeing some very positive signs which I hope continue.

For me I got over zealous with clamping, the problem with clamping is that it’s so easy to do compared to the other exercises. I mean I was doing 30 minute sessions sometimes and I had experimented with double clamping. Combined with a complete lack of rest, very stupid, I have been paying the price for my actions. About a day after a session my penis was completely numb no erections what-so-ever, a few weeks later I experienced extremely bad sharp shooting pains in my perineum and lower abdomen this continued for 9 months until I noticed the pain becoming less frequent and intense. I also noticed much sensation had come back. The pain has continued to subside and my erections have been nearing normal. Currently I still feel getting erect has to improve along with spontaneous erections and the strong push experienced when edging isn’t quite there. In the space of 6 weeks things have come a long way and I am excited to see what the next 6 will bring. I won’t be fully at ease until things are completely healed and my penis feels healthy.

I have seen a urologist who confirmed that this was most likely down to nerve compression. The problem with nerve damage is that the length of time it will take to heal isn’t clear as it’s such a slow process. Anyway I also found some information from online posted by certified urologists which put my mind at ease and hopefully can help put others in the same situation at ease too.

In reference to a nerve injury caused by jelqing:

“Nerve trauma may take several months & sometimes up to a year to totally return to normal Be patient, stop jelqing and you will be fine. In addition, it is essential to avoid any further significant trauma to the penis during the healing phase. It is okay to have sexual activity (masturbation and/or intercourse) but no rough sex. The use of a good quality lubricant (such as the “silk” lubricants) is advised to lessen the chance of further injury.”

Also a different doctor in reference to nerve damage:

“There are sensory nerves in the penis that can be damaged & if this occurs, the sensitivity can be significantly diminished. The most common cause is in those men who try to enlarge their penis by various stretching exercises, the use of penile extenders, or the practice of “jelqing”. Because of this complication, I do not recommend such methods. Penile sensory nerve damage does not usually occur with traditional methods of masturbation or sex but it can. From the history you provided, I suspect this is the mechanism in your case. When nerve damage occurs, it generally reverses itself if no further insult occurs. However, the recovery period may take a year or more.”

Specific information on nerve damage

I also found out that nerve damage falls into 3 categories:

Neurotmesis the most severe form of nerve damage, which results in a complete loss of function and nerve continuity. It can be caused by severe bruising, tearing, or stretching of the nerve or surrounding tissue.

Axonotmesis a less severe form of nerve damage, mainly seen as a result of injuries where the nerve is crushed or placed under too much pressure for example me with my clamp. The axon of the nerve is disrupted, but the nerve’s structural integrity remains intact. This type of injury allows for the possibility of regeneration, which can take months or years to be complete.

Neurapraxiais the mildest type of damage, and usually allows for complete recovery within days or months. It is usually a result of pressure on a nerve which keeps it from functioning, and blocks the transmission of signals. Loss of blood supply may also cause neurapraxia.

My advice from my experience so far and the great amount of time I have spent on p.e forums and the Internet researching this: Go to a urologist, if not you will work yourself into a frenzy. People practicing p.e. Aren’t doctors. It’s so easy to find horror stories on the Internet I hope this won’t turn out to be another one but only time will tell. Things have been very positive recently but there will be doubt in my mind until I’m fully healed. Embarrassment isn’t fatal, I took a clamp to the urologist it ended up in a bin outside afterwards. It wasn’t all that bad. The penis is a very resilient organ and once the healing process is done it will be stronger. Feel free to add any information.

Good luck to anyone in the same situation.

Any suggestion on how to improve the rate of healing?

Nothing I did seemed to improve things drastically, it’s just a really slow process, nerve damage takes a long time to heal. Changes happen month by month as opposed to day by day. Taking a cocktail of supplements just made me feel uneasy. Supplements are supplements the way I see it in order for efficient healing you need to have an optimal diet. Also when I went to see my urologist I asked about masturbating, he told me the ‘use it or lose it’ principle applies but not to go crazy. So masturbate in moderation and don’t worry if things aren’t great because there still on the mend. I think masturbating then resting is important and something I overlooked due to panicking.

I ain’t gonna lie, I know i suffered nerve damage or decreased sensitivity, but alot of it recovered over time. Some of the PE damage is mental, and we need to undo those blocks and thoughts which affect our mind.

It’s much more a psychological battle than a physical one but providing I see/feel improvements physically my thought processes will change too.

With the bib hanger I have experienced numerous times in which some parts of my penis head got numb. But this seemed to recover within couple of days to weeks everytime, these days when it happens I do not pay much attention to it since I simply know that sensitivity will return one day.

Clamping 30 min is a foolish thing to do but I do not believe this is what caused the nerve damage. Maybe you could provide your method of clamping to everyone here so they can avoid the mistakes you made. (e.g. if you used enough wrap, did you strongly overtightened etc.)

In any event, good luck with the recovery and I think the best way to heal is to keep your mind off it.

My urologist told me it was most likely nerve damage, compressing the nerves in my penis by using the clamp. I would often do edging with the clamp on, so there was extreme amounts of pressure on my penis for longer than recommended periods of time. I would tighten it to the point where I couldn’t tighten it anymore. IT WAS VERY STUPID.

I know it isn’t a vascular problem because I have had decent erections and been able to maintain them without stimulation, although it’s only recently I’ve been able to clarify this. With nerve damage pain comes and goes. From wikipedia relating to sensory nerve pain: ‘Pain associated with this nerve is described in various ways such as the following: sensation of wearing an invisible “glove” or “sock”, burning, freezing, or electric-like, extreme sensitivity to touch.’ I have experienced burning, freezing and electric like pain. It’s definitely nerve damage, and was definitely caused by clamping (too much too soon with not enough rest).

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