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Dr Lin, Cut vs Uncut and first masterbation


Dr Lin, Cut vs Uncut and first masterbation

I remember reading on Dr Lin’s site that circumcition led to early masterbation, leading eventually to a cut guy “tiring” out his sexual center.

basically a quick poll. cut or uncut and the first time you got yourself there.

me. cut. 8 yrs old.

My view of Dr. Lin is fairly well known. Ninety-five percent of what he says isn’t worth the electrons it takes to light up the screen. I don’t doubt there are guys who masturbate too much and doing that may make it difficult for them to enjoy sex any other way, but being circumcised or not has little to do with it. Early in the last century the practice of circumcision in the US increased, partly because it was thought to be a cure for, ready?, overmasturbation. So getting cut was thought to prevent it, not cause it. However, that was also bullshit.

I actually don’t remember the first time I jerked off. Must have been after age 10 since we moved when I was nine and it happened in the new house. Probably around 11. I’m circ’d.

I’m circumsised and consider myself to be an early starter in the masturbation game at the age 10.

West “curing” masturbation was the original motivation in Christian society for butchering young men.

I also don’t hold much stock in Dr Lin. Wasn’t holding him up as a bastion of knowledge. Just giving the root of my thoughts and asking for alittle feedback for comparission.

And you don’t remember the first time? I remember it like the first time I had sex.

I first started jerking around the age of 8. First orgasm type of experience maybe nine-ish. I always enjoyed playing with it as a kid.

Originally Posted by ziggaman
I’m circumsised and consider myself to be an early starter in the masturbation game at the age 10.

Ha! Early starter at 10? My earliest masturbation memory was back in kindergarten. I was either 5 or 6 and I’m sure I’ve done it before then. I sometimes miss the days I was able to jack off and not have to worry about a clean up.

BTW I was circumcised as a baby.

I too am circumcised.

Damn guys!

I must be a jerk off newbie then!

I think I started at 12 or 13. It may have even been as late as 14!

Do you think maybe some people dont at all :eek:

9 uncut here. Dr Lin is full of it on this one (again)

I’m a, cut at birth, 8x5.75BPL that recalls getting pleasure from massaging my “dinger” with Vaseline around the age of 6 or 7 while in the shower.

Oh yea, and still enjoy massaging it with Vaseline while jelqing and jackin off regularly at the age of 52! Just a horny Italian I guess.

Originally Posted by Balrog

Do you think maybe some people dont at all :eek:

It wouldn’t surprise me with some women. I know my wife didn’t or at least she claims never to have prior to me buying her a vib, but with guys I’d say it is a case of 95% admit to it. The other 5% are liars!

I’m cut, I learned how to masturbate at 6 (honest —-> found my first xxx magazine) It was different before because I could come a whole lot of times. Now that I’m 21, 3 is all that I can take.

"Men are gifted with two heads, sadly they do not

have enough blood to run

both at the same time" by anonymous

Cut. Don’t have an exact on the first time, but definitely before 10 years old.

Dr. Lin is a joke. What exactly does he mean by tiring out your sexual center? Something else he made up, I guess.

I guess I’m in the majority, cut, 10 years old. Something about a hard on that just makes you go crazy.

I doubt you can really be tired out sexually. It’s bullshit. I’ve masturbated probably more than ten thousand times, easily (when I was younger, two to three times a day, maybe even more). And half sex one or two thousand times.

Hell, I just finished jacking off ten minutes ago (not kidding). :D

edit: and I am very capable of multiple orgasms, in fact, I can’t be truely satisfied most of the time unless I jack off twice withing going flaccid.


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