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Current size thread. Click it.

Current size thread. Click it.

So, what’s your current size in BPEL and mid-girth?

I’m at 7.25 x 6.375

6.5 x 5.5 just starting.

Starting: 9/10/04 - 6.5" BPEL x 5.5" EG

Now - 6.75" BPEL x 5.5" EG

Goal: 8" BPEL x 6" EG

7.25 x 5.12

7.125 x 4.75

7 3/8” by about 5.5”, but I’m nearing the end of my 4th extreme Uli set at the moment. You did ask for current size. ;)

7.25” x 4.75” un-PE’d unless I’ve gained recently.


Starting Stats:October 1st,2004 6X5 Now:6.5X5 Goal:8X6 "We are the facilitators of our own creative evolution"

7.25 NBP, 7.75 BP

5.1” Girth


8 NBP and 6 ” girth

Only been in the game seriously for about 1 month.

6 X 5.5

Goal - Anything bigger…..

Start 030104 EBPL: 6.25" EG : 5.6" Mid LOT : 7:30 GOAL: 0.25 in any direction...."I'm not picky"- length would be nice "GIVE ME A %&#'N INCH OR GIVE ME DEATH"

7.44”x4.5” bp

6.25” nbp <——Damn fat pad

1st goal: 5” girth
2nd goal: 8” length

girth between base and midshaft is only 4.3125”

Damn I need some girth!


Today I will take negative thoughts and turn them into positive and productive actions. 7.00 BP x 4.75 GOAL 9.0 x 6.5

7.75x5.5, 7.125nbp or something like that.

Gimme Girth. I should change nick to that :P

6.5 BP x 5

8x6 started at 6 bpel

19cm L x 15-16cm G, I believe that’s about 7,5x6+. Things have been hectical lately and I am never doing anything consistent - Looking forward to getting a pump and hanger, should be great for motivation!

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