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CS Blasters


I’ll clamp with my hand but never anything else. Iv’e heard a few to many horror stories about clamping.

Yeah, clamping is scary.


Originally Posted by Philadelph
How engorged do you guys get after a session of girthwork? Like how much of a difference between your engorged girth and your normal resting girth?

I am usually almost 1/2” girthier flaccid and about 5/16” girthier erect after my routine .

I’m about the same.


After a girth session I am 1/4” or 3/8” thicker erect which is my goal size.

This exercise sounds interesting.

Think you can prevent the baseball bat effect.

Maybe I will try it instead of o-bends and clamping(both not good for my dick-always get stripes or red spots)

How long(how often) do you do this exercise. Do you still do normal jelqs?

Dry or wet?

Started-Oct04: 5.7/4.8; Current 6.7/5.3

Learning even more about PE(nearly every day)

Changing routine, Current: jelqing, clamping, obends, kegel

I do this exercise dry. But I’ve got extra skin (I’m uncut). I do CS Blasters often. Usually coupled with O-bends. You can prevent the baseball effect by clamping different parts of the shaft, and milking from the base. That way you’re focusing on different areas of the CS. This is a good exercise. I’ve been doing it for a while now, and I’m definitely seeing progress.

As for normal jelqs, I was slacking on them for a while. But I’ve realized that they’re pretty important. So, as of today, I’m jelqing, cs blasting, o-bending, kegeling and stretching some.


Okay, a year has gone by. Who has continued the CS Blasters and what were the long term results? Can anyone compare this growth versus growth achieved with orange bends? I’ve been doing 50-60% erect jelqs, causing my CS and glans to swell and I’ve been happy with that, but of late I’ve wished to add something more dramatic to girth and length.


BPEL 7.25" Girth 6.00" going for 9" x 7"

let me get this straight, first you achieve a 60-80% erection level, then you grip firmly with an ok grip just bellow the glans in order to prevent the blood to go to the head, then you milk your way up the shaft with an ok grip with your free hand in order for the shaft to expand without the head, I´m correct? .

Sounds right. :)


and you do this, how many reps in how many sets?.


Long term results from this = big gains? :)


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