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Hi guys!

my question goes like this:
When i manual stretch my penis downward, or if i manual stretch downward( under the leg ) i feel an incredible stretch at the base of my penis. Is this a stretching the ligs, the tunica or maybe the inner tunica?

however i do feel an incredible stretch at the base of the penis and maybe 0,5 inch in the body( the inner tunica). Is it a positiv stretch or maybe more damaging?

Any kinds of responses would be great!!

I’m sure there are others here with more info than I can give you, but what you are describing sounds like a lig stretch. But I do need to ask this, do you feel the pulling sensation where the penis joins the body or in the penis itself?

Since I am not a penis owner per se, I would think that, with my knowledge of anatomy, that a tunica stretch would be felt more in the shaft of the penis rather than at the base, where it joins the body.

Bib, Guri, anyone?????

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Sunshinekid: Thanks for responding so quick!

I feel about 80% of the stretch at the base of the penis, and probarbly about 0,5 inch in the body.
But because of the downward direction stretch i imagine that this would mean im stretching the ligs? but i dont really feel it in the ligs at all???

You are probably stretching the ligs, now whether or not you feel such is as unique as we individuals. Some guys feel it, some don’t. You are probably just starting to stretch the suspensory ligament, and you will first feel the stretch where the penis joins the body, as you get microscopic tears and they heal, then you will start feeling it up into the body more.

Some fellas get a pop, others don’t. I’m sure that you have read as much as you can during one session here, keep reading. Lots of good good information in the forum. Use it to your advantage. And don’t ever hesitate to ask questions, some one here will have the answer.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

I’m no expert either but if you are stretching downward under the leg that would be like sunshinekid said- a lig stretch.

Well, I’ll tell you what I feel whenever I perform downwards or BTC stretches. I feel, obviously, the ligaments being stretched, as well as skin burn, basically where the skin is taut. Repeated stretching will eventually cause a change in elasticity, whereby you become more pliable and loose.

This feeling is located at the base of the penis at the attachments of the ligaments, and to some extent, into the inner penis as well.

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I get the same feeling when I raise one leg up on the counter and do a downward stretch. Right leg up feels waaayyy tighter too. Sound familiar?

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Sunny is correct. Writes better than anyone also.


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