Comparative analysis of gains

After reading quite a few reports of gains on this site it appears to me that those that report the greatest gains in less time tend to be larger from the start. It occured to me before I ever started doing this that I may be hard pressed to see significant gains right away because I am not big to begin with (5.5”).
I figure that a longer penis has more material to stretch and will increase in length more as a given percentage of its total length than a shorter one. In other words, a 10% increase of 7” is more than 10% of 5”.

Assuming the tissues in the penis will stretch and grow similarly for all, its logical to expect a longer penis to gain more than a shorter one.

I offer this only as a consolation to myself and others that seem hard-pressed to experience any or little gains - you are most likely on the shorter end, and the first gains may come slowly.

Just a thought.