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Coming back from deconditioning break:What excercizes have you gained the most from?


Wad, I thought we’d already covered that one but here goes:

IR - yes Infrared. I’m sure any heating helps, but the I’ve tried a couple of heating methods including IR lamp, and the current heater is better than anything I’ve tried. I bought a thermotex heating pad, and removed two of the heating elements and selotaped them together into the shape of a cylinder which is probably 7”x2” LxD. It has a thermostat cutoff claiming to hit the magic zone for collagen extensibility. I have a complicated setup that keeps the flaccid penis slightly stretched down the middle of this without any physical contact with the cylinder itself. I heat for 30 mins.

The exercise is currently length only. I’ll switch to or add girth at a later date when I hit an intermediate goal. It’s just 3 mins of SO stretching with some U bends, but mostly stretching against a steel ruler. Although I pull quite hard in order to eek out a gain, in PE terms it’s very mild as it produces no ill effects (or PI’s). Although frequent measuring is frowned upon, I find I can eek out about 1mm every third day. Doing it more frequently than this seems to stall any gains at all. I’ve been using about a 2” bead of DHT gel (2.5% andactrim) applied once about 30mins before heating as well. I dropped this recently as I didn’t think it was necessary, but surprisingly gains stalled. Last friday I added it back in and got another gain so the dury is still waiting for results of that one. Next training day is tomorrow (monday) so we’ll see what happens then. I find it hard to believe that DHT is involved as I’ve tried it (and Test, winstrol IGF-1 and lots of other things) before with no significant impact. I’m wondering if it is the infrequency of it that make the difference (effectively abound 5:1 Off vs On time), and I’m wondering if that prevents the body from calibrating the AR. If you remember the Jones thread a year or so back about pro hormones there was much debate about this with little result. My best guess at this point would be that the body adapts super quick to each day or multiple applications.

Hormones aside, I’ve found that I always get good gains after deconditioning with heat, which usually is a recovery of any temporary losses followed by about 1/4” gain. IR, and particularly the latest incarnation with the IR cylinder is my favourite method, but I have achieved similar with a conventional heat pad (a thermophore). I just didn’t like the inconsistencies and hot spots it produced. But heat is heat.

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Hey guys, I’m debating whether to start up this week(on Mon) or next week(on Mon). The only difference will be that if I start up Mon, my PE break would be 7 week instead of 8(2 months). Does it really matter or am I just making something out of nothing. Gimme some advice based on experience guys…

The only power a woman has over you is that which you give her.

I can’t back this up, but I would say that any gains potential you have is diminished by early return to exercises. As an easy (but exaggerated) example, say you had 8/16” potential after 8 weeks, you may only have 7/16 after 7. Of course 1/2 is a lot to ask, and deconditioning indefinitely wouldn’t produce unlimited results.

I have 12 weeks in my head as optimum, but see no reason why you couldn’t do 6 weeks twice as often. At least that way you could play around with the break lengths and see what works best for you.

Do you have any temporary losses as a result of your break? Any that I’ve noticed I can recover within the first week back.

Ok, then I guess I’ll wait one more week. Thanks for the input Shiver. Haven’t really noticed any losses except I might have lost some girth but its hard to really be accurate by judging from my eyes.

The only power a woman has over you is that which you give her.

Any other opinions?

The only power a woman has over you is that which you give her.

Originally Posted by Shiver
I agree with pretty much everything Wad says about breaks, as I’ve had very similar experiences. The only place we differ is that I never get to the stage of doing advanced stuff, as I think it only means you then need longer to decondition. I milk it while it’s paying, then quit to deconditioning while I’m ahead.

The exception to that rule (or perhaps the one that reinforces it the most depending how you look at it) is my current routine, which (so far) just keeps on paying out. The focus now is low frequency and low damage. (3 mins, 2 times per week, SO stretching after approx 30min IR warmup). Each time I think that must be the last gain and I’m going to hit the wall. Each time I manage to eek out a little more. Maybe in a month or two we’ll see whether this is folly or not.

I think I’m reaching plateau now despite the low level approach. I had taken a 12 week break, and upon return gained 6mm (approx 0.23”) which was attained by the 36th day, and nothing in the last 10 days. More than half of that was made in the first 2 weeks, and plotted on a graph it makes for a fairly smooth taper off.

This was a length only exercise, so I’m debating whether to switch to a girth only exercise, or to break completely (length is primary goal at the moment).

I’ve been taking a 6 week deconditioning break, and won’t start back at the level I left off. However, I’m wanting to stick with just hanging this year, and so I’m thinking I’ll start back with hanging (which was what I was doing), but at a light weight. Perhaps not a newbie start back routine, but I’m reluctant to do anything other than hanging this year. I might throw in a bit of jelqing now and then for health purposes. Sound ok to start back hanging light and very slowly work back up? Of course heating is always a part of my routine.

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