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Coming back from a deconditioning break

Coming back from a deconditioning break

So, I can only seem to post in the newbie forum!?

I am currently on a decon break and I need some tips. I’ve read that one should start back with a very light routine, similar to if not exactly the newbie routine. But, I’ve only ever gained from hanging! I was planning on resuming hanging (for the tunica, maybe fulcrums) but with lighter weight and just 3 15 min sets; finding my stride within a few weeks. To those who have taken breaks, especially hangers who have taken breaks what is the best way to go?

Can someone move this for me? That would be awsome! Peace!

I moved your thread, Mr. Cheeks.

If hanging is the only thing that gave you gains, re-start hanging. I’d go for lower weigths but not necessarily less time.

Thanks Marinera for the move and quick reply! So lower weight and go for fatigue?

Also, I’d like to go to fulcrums. I started doing them before a took the break and they are great. I’m a VERY hard gainer!

I would just go for not hurting yourself the first time out. No matter what PE method you come back with after a break, you have a lot of new tissue that is very sensitive to injury, so just take it slow and monitor yourself closely. The last thing you want after coming back from a break is an immediate injury that puts your right back on another break.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

My very personal view is: if you are fatigued, you have to rest. I gained from hanging this way. But the real problem is: there isn’t a clear definition of what fatigue is. Do what gave you gains, it should be the best for you :) .

EDIT: I was writing when gprent was posting; as he’s much more experienced than I am, listen to him.

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