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Cold penis, tight balls

Cold penis, tight balls

I could not find any real answers to this on a search, so here goes: When I do strenuous exercise (running or lifting) my balls become very cold and tight, at the same time my penis shrivels (both length and girth) significantly. This lasts until I take a hot shower, and even then is slow to loosen up. Shouldn’t exercise create a better blood flow throughout the whole body? Does anyone else experience this to a strong degree as I do? Any way to lessen the effect?

It literally looks like I took an ice bath after a workout.

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I definately hang smaller after working out

Actually I’ve been meaning to post about this. I’ve been really lazy recently (for about a year) but recently started running. The problem may be getting better though.

The first time I was shocked at the level of shrinkage.

To people with medical knowledge, is there an explanation?

I have noticed the same thing.

Probably has to do with the fact that when you exercise blood in your body flows to your muscles leaving less excess blood to sit in your penis. Balls probably pull tight for protection. Just a theory though.

ttiger’s reasoning is probably the best explanation for it… your body only has a certain amount of blood… so when exercising, certain body parts take precedence over others…. but just remember…. stick with the PE and hopefully you’ll get to the point that when it shrinks you’ll still be hung as hell


(and i do have a doctorate in a medical field)

How about the fact that strenuous exercise mimics a “fight or flight” response to your sympathetic nervous system, causing your dick to retract at these times.

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that too

Your muscles, during exercise, are using a vast amount of blood to keep oxygen levels high. That means that “minor” parts of your body are left without the usual amount of blood.

A lack of oxygen in your muscles is what leaves them sore the next day you wake up. That and a few other things. But your dick always “suffers” during and shortly after working out.

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Uncut4Big / Mike

I have noticed it when I combine PE and exercising in the morning.

With the dick large after a jelquing squeeze session, I get down to do about 120 press-ups, I immediately notice when I am through that my dick has shrunk. I usually do a few manual/bundle stretches to restore it to its normal hang

You must always remain patient as growth comes with time

These thoughts all make sense, I’m not sure what the evolutionary adavantage is of your penis shrinking during the “fight or flight” response, unless your unit is so big that it is diverting a substantial amount of blood to it. That would be nice, but unfortunately not the case for me. Is the cold balls a normal response as well, they stall cold for quite a while.

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