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CLAMPING Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

I found it. It is some kind of rubber motorized pussy type male toy gadget.

The fleshlight is amazing. I’m sure that would keep you very hard during clamping sessions. I don’t think I could use it because it would probably put me over the edge too easily. It’s not motorized, you just move it back and forth with your own hand. Or you can hump it :)

Don’t dump on something you haven’t humped :) . Why do so few use Google?

Because Google is turning into a “who scams best” search engine? :)

The Review Forum does have a lot of info on the Fleshlight, including some decent reviews and suggestions on what type to buy.

Kind of surprised someone hasn’t figured out a homemade version of this gizmo yet.

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There is a very good homemade version. Use 1.625” X 0.5” wall Armaflex copper pipe insulation. It is one piece neoprene foam that is available at any piping supply (not home depot) in 6’ lengths $6. Whack off a piece 3” longer than your erect length. I epoxy half inch at end and put in vice to seal the end to give a sucking action when in use. It is very soft, fine celled material….sometimes i sand the inside to make a little rougher. I have used it for 10yrs and have just recently gotten the Fleshlight. So far i prefer the Armaflex but then there is probably a learning curve. Saw one other guy on Thunders mention Armaflex once, so I’m not the lone ranger here. I’m sure you will have cute remarks….just trying to be helpful.

How do you clean something like that?

I use dawn, running hot water and bottle brush. Like any masturbation device it has to be cleaned each time you cum. Fleshlight as well.

It’s shocking how well clamping ‘constriction’ has become such a mainstream PE-thing.

I don’t however think it will be as popular as hanging and pumping because of the dangerous involved which are higher IMHO than the others.


I’d like to welcome you to this thread. It is to my understanding that you are not only a vet but also a pioneer of this simple yet invaluable device. In fact according to Dino, you may very well be the Father of Cable Clamps.

Yes: I totally agree that Clamping will never become as popular as hanging or pumping, although I feel Clamping is much more effective than pumping for girth and flaccid length. As far as what is more dangerous: well the court is still out on this one.

I am Clamping pretty much exclusively now, Except for some manual stretching and dry jelqs between clamped sets, and the wearing of either the neoprene wrap or pe weights as an ADS, is the extent of my PE, and I am maintaining my gains extremely well, maybe even gaining a little. But it is too soon to tell: I’ve PEed aggressively for quite a while. We’ll see how this goes.

I saw someone had bumped this thread and just wanted to drop in and say hello. Any input you have to share with us will be greatly appreciated here as well as on remek, Clamping 101 thread.

Good Luck

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Yeah clamping is really something. It seems to simple and really in affective if you think about it with just having a clamp around your penis but it works and I found that clamped horse squeezes done on a regular basis really got me started with regards to girth.

Its really hard to get adjusted to I think because you must go easy yet you don’t want to because you see your dick bigger than normal plus its so simple that you can’t help think about going longer than you should. At first I had issues with going longer than 10 minutes and got bad swelling and discolouration, coldness ect but with time that became less and less to the point now when I clamp I NEVER see ANYTHING like that anymore so my penis must have conditioned from it but still I can gain from it, that’s the beauty of it because you can keep engorging past your normal erection no matter how much you grow or what size you get to. I would love nothing more than to advise members here, helping them with my experience from this but where does one start? lol I have a guide which you might know about, its quite good but isn’t that pro IMHO because I ain’t the best speller now am I great at English even though its my Language so it might seem abit amateurish to some whom read it but it has allot of useful advise.

I’m actually starting planning stages of updating my guide and have some members at MOS in a team which help me out doing the guide, such as graphics, code, research, editing ect ect because I either don’t have the time or ain’t as good in those areas plus its a community project.

Its not actually a MOS project but a Red Zulu project, something I wanted to do in the start off my own back and have kept updating every so often. At the moment I have TONS of information to add into the new guide along with a revamp of the current look to make it more pro.

If anyone here wants to help than please feel free to PM me and offer any support. Thunders place has allot of great info on clamping that can be shared in the guide and also so many great minds here whom could feature in the guide such as yourself Big Girth.

I don’t know if this was asked, but… you said that you clamp all day, it even sounded like you would be clamped in public. How on earth do you hide a big fucking erection?! :chuckle: I wear fairly baggy or at least loose fitting pants, and even in my most loose fitting pants I can’t walk around clamped without it being really obvious.

I ask because I’m looking at ways to PE efficiently, right now I clamp as I get ready for work, then I leave on the wrap for the day, and then clamp some more in the evening.

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Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

My entire wardrobe practically consists of gym shorts and tank tops, and I work at home so I’m not around people that much. If I know I’m going to be around folks who might notice the bulge (actually I don’t care if they notice) I’ll pop the clamp and just wear the wrap, or pe weights

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I just got the therap wrap and have a question for anyone who uses it for clamping. I can wrap it around the shaft a couple times so the wrap is pretty think. The clamp is a little difficult to close, but it still works pretty well once I get it tight. So should I cut the wrap down so that it isn’t so thick and so I only have to wrap it around once? Also do you need to remove the magnets? I must say my dick doesn’t feel so crushed with this wrap and the engorgement is great.

Originally Posted by Big Girtha

My entire wardrobe practically consists of gym shorts and tank tops, and I work at home so I’m not around people that much. If I know I’m going to be around folks who might notice the bulge (actually I don’t care if they notice) I’ll pop the clamp and just wear the wrap, or pe weights


Unfortunitely I work with kids, so that’s not an option. They already like to grab my piercings, the last thing I’d want them to do is…

Not to mention what staff would think if they saw me walking around with a stiff one around the kids! :rofl:

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.


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