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Cheap Power Jelk Device?

Cheap Power Jelk Device?

Someone posted earlier that the Power Jelk was just a canning tool. They were right! I found this link with it for $10 and it looks identical. You’d probably need to spend $10 in parts at Home Depot to make a best size roller for you. (PVC pipe, foam insulation pipe, metal screw anchor for center bearing. At least that is what the parts on the Power Jelk look like to me. So you can save yourself about $20 if you are on a real tight budget and have more time than cash.…g_Tool s_10700

Link just won't copy right...

I can’t get te link to copy correctly. If you want to look at the thing, go to and search for “Ball Home Canning Utensil Set (4-pc) ” and that will show you the device.

Happy jelking!

thx, have you been able to find anything like the one in this pic?


i think something encircling the penis will draw more blood, rather then two bars pressing on a penis.

I thought of another device that may need some thought from you guys

I have not seen anything like your illustration. The Power Jelk (PJ)device however puts quite a bit of pressure. I’ve used it with the rollers on the top and bottom and also on the sides. The site shows it being used on the top and bottom but I like using it on the sides where it seems to put more pressure on the corpora cavernosa. I do it both ways but the top bottom configuration seems to place more pressure in the head and the side configuration put more pressure on the corpora cavernosa. At least that is my impression. Have been using it about a week now. Perhaps your device would put pressure more evenly on everything. I guess you could make a modified PJ device where the roller is curved to form a semi-circle on each side to achieve your goal. That would not allow the end to roll but my PJ does not roll anyways so that should not be a problem. Maybe $10 for the canning tool and a little creativity at Home Depot could get your device going. Good luck!

6To8 & baccart

I’m with you both on this idea. I have been spending a little time at my lathe, working on tapered rollers for the PJ. The rollers are made from billet aluminum and tapered, sort of like a spool.

>—< my idea, is if the roller is tapered it will indeed create
more even pressure around the penis as a whole. Working all of the tissue evenly. Of course the padding will fit onto the rollers, we wouldn’t want to roll aluminum on our dick’s. We’ll at least not just yet.

After I get my prototype done, perhap’s there are a few PJ’ers that would be interested in trying a set of these rollers. As soon as I get the rollers done, I’ll post to the board.

"If you build it, they will come".

i tried to add another picture, that was a bit complicated version of this device.

I believe all of us had this idea in our mind that something that encircles a penis to draw blood would do more benefit then pressing down. I do have a PJ, and i feel that a (ELIPSE not a circle) around penis may do a better job.

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Friends I would like to bought a jelq device it’s functions exactly I’m newbie

Greetings fellow PJ device users !

I love the thing , and have learned the hard , and expensive way , that the handle part of the PJ device , is , indeed , a four dollar canning jar lifter .

Oh , the joy .

Very interested in your roller modification , tryn4more , that is the one fabrication aspect that I have found challenging .

I have been looking at pipe insulation of various sizes , and also rubber hosing , to cover the metal roller bodies .

I have also tried , with good success , covering pipe insulation with a length of rubber bicycle inner tube , works pretty well .

As far as what area of the penis the device targets , which is the top and bottom , I combine the PJ workout with a manual Jelq session , which primarily targets the sides of the penis , seems to be a good combination .

Keep the info coming , guys !

Just a wee word of caution: be very weary when applying pressure to the dorsal side of the penis (as these devices seem to, when used in the suggested manner).

Muscular_Beaver Hit that space bar after a comma, not before.

Jelq my boy, jelq like the wind.

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