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CaptnHook Says Goodbye...

Originally Posted by CaptnHook
The anagram has to do with how noisy a trip it is when we have intercourse.

Have you been to Intercourse? I have. It’s close to Paradise, and not far from where I first learned the chicken dance.

The preceding was in no way intended to misdirect this substantive and insightful thread. Please, carry on.

Originally Posted by CaptnHook

A few other guys - PirateSteve chief among them - have expressed an interest in sculpting such a thing -

-but from little eggs grow great big turkeys.

I heard his dick fell off while jumping up and down
at a Howard Dean Rally.

Turkeys lay eggs?
Next thing you’ll be telling us is that turkeys can fly.

Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgh! ~Howard Dean Illustrations & Diagrams PE -- What's it all about? Read this.

I just read the title. Can I have your stereo?

Oh Man, I am bummed, good luck and happy sailing. You’ll be missed… <Non Sexual Man Hug>

Originally Posted by SixerMan
Oh Man, I am bummed, good luck and happy sailing. You’ll be missed… <Non Sexual Man Hug>

You can tell how he reads books, the cover and the last page!

Originally Posted by beenthere
Have you seen Lewis Black’s comedy routine?

My wife and I caught the tail end of the routine you mention - no wait…I caught the routine you mention through my wife’s tail end……I caught my wife’s tail end routine through the…
Let’s just say I was really preoccupied while watching Black’s act on the tube - some people like R&B as an atmosphere while making love - me, I like a good giggle.

I think he’s excellent - but is it me or is he a nervous wreck just beneath the surface of his rage?

Speaking of routines, I once caught Wayne Newton’s act in Vegas and he did a very funny bit between songs about those towns in Pennsylvania: Intercourse, Climax, etc.
I was not digging Wayne until this little comedy relief and before long I was jumping up and down yelling “I love you Wayne!” By the end of his final encore I was standing on my seat screaming “I REALLY love you Wayne! Danke Schoen! Danke Schoen!!”

This is why when people ask me for financial advice I always interupt them by shouting: “I REALLY love Wayne Newton!”

Originally Posted by Ramrod
I heard his dick fell off while jumping up and down
at a Howard Dean Rally.

Careful there Ram. I don’t think Howard Dean would appreciate that.

You can have my stereo but don’t even think of keeping my Frampton cassette.

I’m gonna miss you too, bro.
Here’s something to remember me by.

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Good thing I’m only 38 and a recent EKG, among other tests,

says the ticker is OK.

You scared the crap outta me.

How the hell did you do that morph thing with Aldous and Skipper???

Originally Posted by machtenx
I think the only way to be commercially successful in making a hanging device is to go mainstream. I was actually considering it, writing down some ideas and a rough business plan a while ago. I kind of scrapped the idea, but you know I always scrap my ideas, and then I see them on TV.

Captain, I understand what you are talking about with a more visual oriented website, but would the goal of it be to inform people about PE? to progress PE? I’m curious because I love ideas that change the way we think about things today.

I firmly believe that PE will become mainstream within the next 10 years. Our society is changing and it will become increasingly open to PE.

Success with business PE in my opinion, lies in the marketing technique and proof that PE works.

Then I considered all those who have worked so hard with no return other than the satisfaction of helping others. Let’s say I started a PE business, sold a lot of hangers, how would I reward those who have given me something to sell? royalties? a share in the business?

These are ideas I’d love to discuss with you fellows. We are in fact an underground society here, what is the consensus on this board about PE becoming mainstream? good? bad? don’t care? I’m curious


Before this thread degenerates any further (I promise it will) I’ll take you up on a few of those points because I’ve done a lot of thinking about these issues recently.

I don’t want to get too deeply into the “Hanger Business” end of your post because I’m dead set on moving as far away from that as possible. Among the many valuable lessons Bib left us with one of the more salient was that selling devices like this is 99% hassle 1% reward - 0% profit.

I think someone like Memento or another tech-savy member could give a pretty good talk on why a system like Linux will probably in the end replace Windows as the predominant OS in PC’s. I think therein lies a good analogy as to where NPE - and in this case - specifically PE devices like hangers will also go. The ever-increasing availability and everyday/anytime accessibility of information will see to it that profit will be unlikely to hold and maintain a large presence in NPE. Keep in mind, though that this theory only works if NPE remains (as I think it will) a permanent subculture due to the sensitive nature of its motivation: Male perceived inadequacy.

No doubt - men will spend a LOT of money to get large. Worthless pills priced at $100.00 for a months supply sell big. But that hoax is a time limited thing. Some asshole will pull in a shit-ton of money for a time, but had better spend it fast or hide it well in this class-action lawsuit happy culture of ours.
While real PE - the discipline we all know works - will undoubtedly grow until hitting a critical mass it will also find a legitimacy we still haven’t experienced yet. But I hold a strong certainty that it will not become “mainstream” and therefor the odds are still in favor of profit never catching a strong wind.
If anything an ADS device that works, works well, and truly is stealth will do very well in the PE market. But even that, as we have learned here already, can be slapped together extremely inexpensively and all without the hassle of credit cards and brown paper packages sitting on your front stoop waiting for you to arrive home.

Which brings me back to the idea of people like you and I and others making it our goal to spread the word - and even better make available to as wide an audience the innovations and raw ideas that only people like we, the devoted PE community, can possibly give birth to; we are far more immersed in this than any guy in a lab coat fucking around with weight tension and lig stress. We do this on a daily basis - some of us for years, and some of us are restless gadget freaks who see a bottle opener and think “Hmmm…you know what…?”

So I believe that as long as information is more and more available to a bigger and more sophisticated audience, and the bulk of that information and it’s advance remains where it is - here at places like Thunder’s Place - the likelihood of profit (and by that I mean big profit) will be a far off concern - or desire, depending upon ones objective.


BTW- for a very crude example of what I mean when I say I’d like to explore different and unconventional approaches to relating information look at the gif in my preceding post.
Could there ever be a more clear and concise example of my theory that Alan Hale and Aldous Huxley are the same person?
Words would do it no justice :)

I had nothing to do with it - honestly. I found that on a Hale/Huxley conspiracy site and simply grabbed it and posted it here.

What do you know, you and I are the same age.
This riddle becomes more twisted by the hour………..

I was wondering when we were going to get back to exposing that scourge. I have much more damning material and evidence to share about those evil flying felines.
How about it - you?

I’m a little taped out but I will look into it more :)

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

I found that on a Hale/Huxley conspiracy site and simply grabbed it and posted it here.

OMG!!! Your kidding right???

Kidding? Is the pope Polish? Is Ben Affleck the sexiest man on the planet?

You know EZ, I was thinking about what you said in another thread about Huxley “dying” a few months before the premiere of Gilligan’s Island and how this supports the theory that Huxley and Hale may not in fact be the same person - and then I was reminded of your above average theological acumen and I had a genuine epiphany - something I have yet to see on any Huxley/Hale site or in any Huxley/Hale book:


Maybe for the other thread - maybe….?

Damn, Capy.. Your title scared the crap outa me, Too. Didn’t spray coffee on my monitor, although I WAS ready with a post that started out something like: First Steve, Bib, now you.. Fortunatly I do read more than the cover and last page of a book. Welcome back to the stress free world of civilian status; it should be a breath of fresh air for you. May you have good winds, pleasant seas and few PMs.

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