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CaptnHook Says Goodbye...


CaptnHook Says Goodbye...

…To His Commercial Status. :)

That’s right Pilgrims, no longer will you have to run in terror with your hands on your wallets when Cap enters the room.

A while back I mentioned to Thunder that I was entertaining the idea of providing a production model of the Captn’s Wench to guys who for whatever reason were unable to construct one for themselves. Unbeknown to me, this would bring about one of the more interesting chapters in my PE career; beginning with an altered status here at Thunder’s Place and ending with an even stronger conviction that the free PE model we all benefit from, and I personally have always embraced, is the only and best approach to our collective pursuit of getting large.

Immediately following its introduction and still to this day I receive requests from people asking if I could provide them with a Wench. I have always and without exception encouraged these people to work harder at finding the materials or directed them to possible alternatives. To this day I have not engaged in a single monetary transaction with respect to the Wench, or any other realm of PE.

What motivated me to consider the commercial idea was largely a product of my genuine concern for the members of the PE community. Many of the PM’s I have received are rich with a desire to grab onto something, anything, that will help bring about gains. Some if not all of these guys and their situations touched a nerve in me and it has been very hard to resist the temptation to simply give them the device free of charge. As much as I would like to, that is just not a possibility. I made the Wench as simple to make and as universally attainable as any device can be, and despite the fact that some guys still cannot acquire one that remains the best I can do.

It was never my intention to profit from the Wench when I shared it - I don’t need the money and I certainly don’t need the headaches - and I think that my unflagging dedication to helping Wench users, and even those using other devices, speaks to this. But I will confess: a guy can get very protective of an idea he has given birth to - and an annoying sense of proprietary zeal clashing with a firmly held conviction that PE should be free has complicated my time and I fear, compromised my status on these boards. I want to put an end to that.

My main hope in making clear my intentions not to pursue a commercial endeavor is that it will allow me the freedom to share more of what has become a large backlog of novel and easily attainable home-brew PE gadgets. As well, owing to many hours of trial and error spent prototyping a production model Wench I hit upon many very useful modifications and improvements to the Wench itself, and will now be able to more freely post examples of how the device has evolved and how anyone using the Wench can benefit.

The forum model is a great vehicle for communicating ideas such as these, but even with that it has its limitations. My life’s work is in visual communication; revealing concepts to a mass audience and I hope that I can someday soon take advantage of this medium by branching out ever so slightly - creating a small, dedicated, and free PE haven that can be tapped into by as many guys looking to better themselves as care to come. Why it would exist outside of Thunder’s Place is simply as I stated above: The boundaries of a forum - any forum - limit the the wide swings and risky leaps that are necessary for certain concepts to flourish. That is not at all a criticism of this place - I love this place - it’s just a fact.
I will happily remain here, haunting these boards - but I relish the idea of an outlet where no constraints exist beyond the imagination.

So I bid farewell to those nasty little words under my name and will now fall back into the ranks of civilian life with the rest of you here - my brothers.

The Wench might be free, but as far as the turkey jokes go, you are all still going to have to pay for those. It’s a heavy price, I know, but someone has to pay it :leftie:


Sorry Cap, it’s like a tattoo.



If you feel like this is the right thing to do, go for it. :)

"Be aware that there are several schools of thought here as well. Some seem to go with the hard and heavy approach. The sessions are brutal. You can hear them talking to their dick: You better grow mofo or I will punish you even harder tomorrow! Others seem to favor a more tender approach. Always listening to what their member is saying while massaging it gently and singing to it with a soft voice. If it is moody and not happy with new behavior, they always listen and are very understanding."

Goodbye Corporate Image. Consider it early retirement and a job well done. Long live the Wench!


Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Scared the fuck out of me Cap with the thread title, not to mention the new coffee coating on the monitor. That’s OK, it needed a freshening anyway.

Same here Thunder!! I just invented new ugly words at that scare!!

About the free exchange of ideas, I concur. But I am a little confused about what you are saying towards the end.

-Still bitter the y2k bug was a dud.

-My dear boy, do you ask a fish how it swims? (No.) Or a bird how it flies? (No.) Of course not. They do it because they were born to do it...

I second Tube: what in the heck are you talking about in the third-to-last paragraph?

Please :donatecar to Thunder's Place to keep it running.

what’s a wench?

Sorry Thunder - very hard to resist.
I thought the reference was kinda cute. :)
(sorry about the monitor too, yuck)

Flower - call me a depraved pirate but there’s something about someone as sweet as yourself talking dirty that does it for me. :leftie:

Goomba, Tube-
Toward the end - what has become known in some circles as the infamous “Third To Last Paragraph” - is a cryptic reference to Aldous Huxley and his mad plan to plague the world with evil flying cats.

If you or anyone else wants more info I’m sorry to have to ask that you first post the code.
(hint: the code is an anagram of the name of someone who died on November 22, 1963)

Point - exactly!

Huxley Aldous?

Good news on the commercial member thing, though I think in the end there is a big gap in the market now for a good commercial hanger. Maybe someone else will fill it.

doushy Axle?

aux doush yell?

-Still bitter the y2k bug was a dud.

-My dear boy, do you ask a fish how it swims? (No.) Or a bird how it flies? (No.) Of course not. They do it because they were born to do it...

Damn Mem, I honestly never thought of that one.

As for the vacuum to which you refer - I think that can be filled and still keep the code open source - speaking of codes.
Stay tuned. I’m pretty sure that one has been cracked - or 80-90% cracked - (and with the same surprising simplicity of your very nice anagram) :)

said with a slight speech impediment:

hulay! Loud sex!

-Still bitter the y2k bug was a dud.

-My dear boy, do you ask a fish how it swims? (No.) Or a bird how it flies? (No.) Of course not. They do it because they were born to do it...

Amoung many others 11/22/63: JFK

Well I guess Bigger showed that even if you are commercial you end up paying (and paying).

I like the concept of open source PE, its always been the way I’ve seen this place, and the more diverse the sources of free PE information available the better.

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