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Cant Gain

Cant Gain

Guys ive been PEing for 3 - 4 months and i cant see any gains at all, im beinging to get disheartened. Evreyone on here seems to be 8”+ and im still stuck at 6” i just wish i could see a slight improvement and i would not doubt this whole thing.

Current Routine is Jelqing 20 - 30mins
Manual Steching
Also combine Ulis and horses into my Jelqing



Everyone on here may want to be 8” but there are VERY few that are.

Some guys don’t see gains for a while but if you have none in 4 months time perhaps it’s time to change routines.

How long do you stretch each session? Do you feel you are using enough intensity?

Are you consistent in the way you measure each time?

Don’t give up!!

Yes Riviera, goingforit is correct. Take a look at your intensity and your stretching time.

1.25 inches down, 1.75 to go!!!!!! For 8" NBP

Patience. I have been at it for a year and have only gained maybe 3/4 inch. Just be consistent, I tell you now you will not wake up in 3 months and have an 8 no matter how much you play with your dick. You don’t get a black belt in a year do you? The body needs conditioning and training THEN development and it can take many years. Its not like this is the sort of thing you’ll regret spending your time on once you collect the payout is it? :P

I feel for you. I’ve been PEing for about 1 year with no results and as late as two days ago I was ready to quit. But when I posted a thread about that I was really surprised of the guys on this forum. Everybody supported me to the MAX, they told me to test new things they had been working on and lots of other stuff. They are a bunch of great guys. I got my motivation back for a few weeks ahead. So talk to some veterans, they just love to help guys with gainproblem.

I hope you understand what I’m trying to say to you because I am so bad to express myself in English. I wish you the best…


My Goal: 8"x6" - Currently: 7,5"x4,8" |-| Gains So far: Lenght: 0.5" Girth: 0" - Just going for girth ATM

It took me 6 months to get my last gain!! You may need a change of routine but you better plan on about 2 years to reach 8 if you are a slow gainer. It may sound like a long time but we are talking about growing a full grown body part it’s pretty amazing.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

The only gains i have ever seen were half an inch between my sophmore year and senior year. Which was amazing since i did such little amounts of work i think i got awesome gains now.

IF you are having trouble getting gains maybe you should try out a few new exercises, maybe some hanging.

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