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Can't even stretch my unit anymore.

Can't even stretch my unit anymore.

I took about a week off, as a deacon break, and now I’ve noticed not only is my penis much less flexible (I cannot stretch it as far) But I have noticed that i always become 70% erect while trying to stretch. Anyone have any idea what to do? I am going to start hanging soon because stretching simply isn’t working. I don’t know if it matters but I have a 7’ girth at base when erect and I know that can hinder the pull effect for length.

Not sure what to say here iron. If I’ve read your post correctly, you took one week, seven (7) days off and now your penis is less flexible/plyable. Did you change anything else other than just taking the time off? Less heat or something???? One of the other fellas who owns a penis will be along to give advice shortly.

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Less heat is being used but this was still noticed in the shower. I will try using toilet paper as I used to and see if it helps.

Fowfers will soften it up again.

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Heat the sucker up and just wait till the erection subsides. Also try jelqing before stretching to get rid of the erections during stretching.

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Originally Posted by kingpole

Fowfers will soften it up again.

You love those fowfers don’t you?

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Originally Posted by touchmyrod

You love those fowfers don’t you?

Haha, I was thinking the same thing.

It’s simple, I think: you started after a break with too much intensity. A week of not PE for the penis is like 2 months of rest for a weigth-trainer (it just an example, doesn’t means that W.T. and PE are similar).

However, your’ are positive signs, they means that your penis is fully recovered and new gains are coming: just don’t overdo.

Thanks everyone it subsided. I love fowfers too kingpole ;-). Jelqing beforehand works wonders, however problem is it stays too pumped to be stretched and I can’t afford to gain anymore girth.

Ejaculate before you do your routine this will weaken the erection level.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

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