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Building a Ball Zinger.

Building a Ball Zinger.

I bought the parts long ago and I previously built one but then I ended up throwing the materials and the thing away because I had trouble keeping it on (even though it did give me the benefits).

Well, can anyone recommend a glue that can keep the rubber from coming off the metal rods? I hated waking up in the morning with the thing on the floor next to my bed. Thanks.

I made one by using copper tubing and drilling holes in zinc cylinders, and then putting a string through them.
Separate the pieces with knots or with a piece of tubing. Works like a charm.

Glueing of rubber / silicone never worked for me either, especially when the rubber is stretched.

I made a photo, it’s a bit hazy but you get the picture.

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Uhmm that looks like a necklace to me?

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I had some problems with mine slipping out of the surgical tubing also. I loosened it up a bit by using a little more tubing and it stays on no problem now. Keep in mind it is not supposed to be tight, you only need the zinc and copper to contact your skin.

It’s not a necklace, just a short piece of string with zinc and copper on it.

It’s very easy to hang around your balls, and for finishing touch I put a knot in in, making it not to tight and not to loose.

Because the string is not flexible, my balls cannot “escape” by being retracted inwards….

flip, and the ball zinger works just as good right?


In theory I would say yes.

But whether Ball Zingers in general work as everybody here says they do, I cannot say. I just made it recently,
and the results don’t really seem to manifest them as of yet.

A lot of the “effects” people report here can be put in the same category as placebo’s: because you use something/some method also makes it work, just like a placebo does. Still, if it works for you, who cares if it is caused by suggestion!

My ball zinger delivers some voltage (I measured 0.3 to 0.5 Volts between the copper and zinc when in operation). When I wear it for a whole day, the zinc parts leave some gray stuff on my skin…. Zinc is known to help rise levels of testosterone, and I suspect that the dissolved zinc migrates into your body and has a chemical effect (apart from the generated voltage)

In this respect I wonder if using a small foto-battery (12 V) and applying it using the zinc and copper as electrodes would deliver better results.
The thing that stopped me from doing this, is that it appears that voltages over 1.5 or so change the permeability of cell membranes. Not a good thing I suspect, but it would really “zing” your balls :)

Yeah I tried that thing long ago and within two hours I had a rock hard boner from just lying down on the couch watching television. I swear, I got an instant boner everytime a good looking chick came on TV. It was like the male version of heat that I was experiencing.

I masturbated too much during the time that I wore that thing and I think I almost neutralized my sex drive! And the thing kind of stopped working. BUt I have a feeling it was me that made it stop working. Well, I’m going to try it again!

Oh, did you buy your zinc from the site? What other materials can I buy off of there? Thanks and I’ll most likely be constructing your version of the ball zinger.

I bought a zinc “sacrifice anode” : it’s a sfere of about 2 inches in diameter, split in halves, which you are supposed to put on the drivingshaft of the propellor of a motorboat. That way it will provent corrosion of the rest of your boat.

The stuff has a fairly low melting point, you could melt it in a pan on the stove. I used a gas torch.

Bought it from a boating company in my country, so it will not do you any good, even if I remembered it. Try a Internet search to find one near your place.

Good luck!

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